Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Blessings

Today the Carpenters were blessed again from friends and family at our church. We started out eatting wonderful food and visiting at the church's Garden Room.Then Betty got to the games! I LOVE games! The first one was to guess what candy bar had been melted in a diaper. You would think for all the showers I have been to that I would have done this one...but I hadn'tMindy tried to tutor Rita on the various candy bars while Rita enjoyed that fact that Mindy could throw up at any moment!Having 8 children between them, Heather and Tonya were sure that they could win this one!Sorry Crystal for the bad shot, but I love how you are telling Pamela what to look for in the DIAPER!
You know me...I had to act like I was giving it a taste test!
Congratulations CRYSTAL for getting all 5 poopy diapers right!After the memory game (which Elmira won) I got to open the sweetest gifts! You can't beat Pamela and Teresa's mongrammed gifts!How cute is this?
Then Tonya had to go and make me cry with her sweet card and SCRAPBOOK PAGES!!!!
Thank you so much ladies for all your love, friendship and blessing me in so many ways!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shower of Blessing

Last night Julie and Jamie threw me a baby shower with all my sweet friends from school. It was so fun! I feel so blessed to have made such great friends from where I work. I realize each day that God's will is for me to be at school in this season of my life, but one of the greatest rewards is the blessing of the friendships I have made.

Julie was on my side of the table which made for an easy shot
but Jamie was on the other side of us with Audry.
Here is a pic of the Kindergarten crew that could be there:

And this year, I have gotten to know these lovely ladies in first grade (minus Terry and Kristy)!

The funny thing is that of the 9 first grade teachers...4 are having babies!!!! Johnell's sweet Addy was due to arrive 4 weeks AFTER me, but she decided to come at 27 weeks! She is doing wonderful! (You should read her blog So, I am due in March, Johnell was due in April, Caron is due in May and now Laura is due in September!)

Angie's classroom is right across the hall from me (she teaches kindergarten). It was so fun to visit with her each day and watch her belly grow. In December, she had Olivia and now gets to stay at home with her until April, when I will be home with Koda!Jen didn't get to make a group shot, so here she is with sweet Kim and Jamie...the famous cupcake maker! They were delicious!

There was lots of oooing and ahhing when I got to open all the BLUE!!!

I got so many wonderful gifts that we would never be able to just "pick up". So, thank you ladies! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Our Funniest Home Video Entry

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dancin' the Night Away

Tonight the Carpenters hit Chapman Retreat's Father Daughter/ Family Dance. After Chloe had such a great time last year with Daddy at the Father Daughter Dance at the rec center, this year she wanted us all to go! We all got dressed up, hit our favorite Japanese restaurant and then off to the dance floor!
Look at these beautiful girls! (The guy in the middle ain't that bad either!)

Mommy and Cami got a pic at the restaurant

When we got there, Chloe was thrilled to see one of her BFFs Sydney!!And Cami was happy to see Sydney's little sister Avery too!
The girls had a blast dancing!
But the father daughter dance was my favorite! My sweet little Momma's girl has turned to a Daddy's girl...sniff sniff...I knew it would happen....but so soon???

One of the funniest sights was when these four girls were all on stage together not having a CLUE they had the same dress on! There were at least 4 more there too. I guess I wasn't the only one who got the awesome deal at Target!

I loved watching the girls dance. Chloe definately has moves and sweet Cami is right in the middle doing her best to do the same

But, if you know me, you know that I couldn't just watch a and my big 'ol belly wanted to get in there with them!

We wondered if this would be the last family outing as the Carpenter 4! Soon little Koda will make us the Carpenter 5! (And I will get to dance with him when they call for the mother/son dance :) )

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Story about chocolate and true love

Today is Valentine's Day and in our house, the first love is . . .. .CHOCOLATE!
The girls were given large kisses and went CRAZY!
(totally ignoring the new piggy band and earring holder!)
But, the best part of Valentine's Day for me was when I was looking through pictures. I was looking for Chris' and my baby pictures for Koda's scrap book and I came across some pictures that remind me of when I felt most "in love". You know, when you had that feeling inside where you wanted to shout "I love you"...but it was way too soon? And when you were away from each other, you were counting every second until you saw them? I remember smiling...none stop. Whether I was driving in the car or shopping at the grocery store or even the bathroom, I was smiling.....
The first picture is funny actually. Look at that hair!I had this one in a frame forever! The hair is still bad, but oh! that kiss!
He was the best kisser I had ever kissed!

The hair is getting a little better...but here is when Chris took me to the Melting Pot before Beauty and the Beast. He told me to make a silly face and then he didn't. Isn't he funny!

Here is another kissing pic...I know this one isn't as good, but I love it!

Then look at that HUNK! WOW!

And then....we were going to be married the next day.

Look at smitten by this man

Well, it is now 9 1/2 years later from the last picture. We definately do not look the same, (especially me being 35 weeks pregnant) and don't think the same about most things. But, I can honestly say I love him more. No, I don't get butterflies and smile everywhere I go, but I know that if anything ever happened to this man I would not want to wake up in the morning. He is who I look forward to seeing every afternoon. The one who knows how to calm me down when I am in one of those moods. The one whose arms I want to escape to when things are crappy. The one who I take for granted until silly holidays pop up and I realize how God gave me more than I knew I could have in a partner. Don't get me wrong, things aren't always rosey here. I mean especailly with me being hormonal and is amazing he still hugs me. And when money gets tight and the house is a mess, we aren't taking kissing pictures in the kitchen. But, I pray that God keeps us growing closer together and I get to show many more pictures of us for years to come. (Happy Valentine's Day Chris! I love you!)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Are you ready for his whole name?

I know you have been on pins and needles awaiting Koda's perfect middle name like I have. Chris isn't too picky about names. He usually agrees with almost all of the ones I ask him about, but is VERY clear about the ones he doesn't.

Well, we had really thought about Koda Lee. Lee is my dad and my nephew's middle name AND my favorite brother in law's first it seemed perfect. But, I just didn't like the ring of it. Say it fast...don't you feel like you are yodeling? Koda Lee Koda Lee Koda La EE Who!

So, then I start thinking we need a strong boy name. A Michael, Andrew, something masculine for this child. I came up with Brooks...Koda Brooks....still, didn't love the ring of it. Sweet Chris liked both.

And then like was there all the is a family name.....the middle name of the man I love more than anything...Anthony...Koda Anthony Carpenter. I love it. Chris again says, "Yeah, I like it." But, since Chris didn't want a junior, at least Koda will have his dad's middle name...and mommy likes the ring to it!!!!! (Thank you Tonya Dodd. You always seem to do the nicest things for me and don't even realize it.)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trading Spaces

I wanted to show what I've been working on these past weeks......moving Cami into the big girls' CAMP ROCK room...
we put together a bunk bed, I painted some stripes to match the bed spreads and added some music bling to the room (thanks Teresa for sewing on the guitar trim!), but the absolute favorite part of the room is our two stars as rock stars....

Is that not unbelieveable? Matt Darden (Darden Decal Designs is on facebook) was able to take pictures and put them in vinyl on the wall! You have to check out all the stuff he can do!!!!!

This wall in Koda's room is saved for him!!!

Here are a few fun things I added....

My mom encouraged me to paint a canvas for Koda since I had painted butterflies and high heels for the girls' rooms.

Here is another look......

Getting closer everyday for a baby to be in here!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where do you get your daily word?

I have so many comments for this picture that I don't even know where to start!! I actually caught Cami reading the Bible on the potty, really this was not staged.
So, I will give you Chris' monologue:
"She started in Genesis 6 weeks ago and has made her way through the fourth chapter of Exodus. She has always prefered the King James Version to the NIV. It has become tiresome to hear her yell, "thou shalt get thee more milk!" She has begun referring to herself as Cameron, daughter of Christopher, son of Cecil Leroy Jr., son of Cecil Leroy from the tribe of Central Mississipppi."
Her convictions are obvious as she preaches to the shower door that if it doesn't get clean and turn from its evil ways, it shall be damned for eternity!
(Even though it is a weird place to be, can't say the child has never seen us read from the Bible!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What did I do on my days off?

I have seen many adorable pictures and videos of families sledding and snowman building, but this prego momma did not participate in the fun in the snow. I actually painted walls, curtain rod knobs, a canvas and almost finished the girls' Camp Rock Room (more on that to come) and Koda's nursery.
So, My sweet Chris took Chloe and Cami out to a friend's to play, but got too few fun shots...

Here is Cami and her BFF Bella.And then a wet little Cami.
Sorry Chloe, Daddy didn't get you in the snow......but Mommy got you the next night doing something you love....
DANCING AND RAPPING (yes I said rapping!)

Here she is with this Motley Crew performing......
"Pants on the Ground!"

These two enjoyed the show, but I think they like their cookies more!!!!
(Cami and future hubby Blake)

So, no, I didn't enjoy the frozen precipation this weekend, but I did enjoy crafts, friends and SLEEPING IN!

Oh, and speaking of friends....

Sunday night I was so excited that I got to spend time with friends I love and never see. We had sushi and fried rice...did you say fried rice? Why, yes, we had fried rice in our bowls, laps, purses and coats!

Can you guess who the fried rice culprit was?

Yes, none other than Betty Apple! Love you Betty :)