Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thank you Ms. Heather

You did it! I don't know how, but you, Ms. Heather managed to grow and keep a plant alive in my house!
Yes, it was actually the tender loving care of one of your brightest pupils, Chloe, that actually tended to this little seed, but, I had to send you a shout out! We love that you are teaching Chloe every Sunday. Thank you for taking the time, spending the energy and praying for my little girl. We are all lucky to have you!

Experiencing Wilderness My Way

We all know that I live with a true outdoorsman. If you have even read some of my blogs, you know that I, myself, feel I am turning a bit "red in the neck". But the REAL Kyla Michelle Erwin Carpenter likes to enjoy the "wilderness" the way did the other weekend in the Smokies. Yes, the wilderness MY style includes nice retauants, swimming pools, aquariums, and HOTELS!

My wonderful, beautiful and talented older sister Kendra (who by the way is single! hee hee) drove all the way to Nashville with my adorable nephew Devin. They stayed with us that night (after enjoying Azuka) and then we were off to Gatlinburg.
We ran into a few bears at the hotel. It was funny how the children reacted.......
Devin, the snuggler, got a "bear hug"
Chloe, my diva, asked her bear for a dance

And Cami, a huge fan of "Poo Poo Panda" gave hers a kick in the leg!

Kendra and I even got in on a little bear love!

Notice the matching shirts? Yah, my was also my idea to take a picture together in front of this sign. BELIEVE me it was NOT easy....and I think the adults complained the most!
Now, don't you LOVE the funny face my daughter has to have in every picture?

Wonder where she gets that?

The most fun though was just being together!But, to tell you the truth, we all really enjoyed pulling a prank on Chris (aka Daddy or Uncle Chris). Since he was always the first to fall asleep, AS WELL AS, a loud snorer, Kendra wanted to paint his nails! Yes, it was her idea, but I was ALL for it!

The kids loved it too!

The best was the next morning when we heard a loud yell from the shower "That's just great!"

We were so sad to leave the hotel...I think we may have over packed!

Just to make it educational, we made sure we went to the Aquarium and the dinosaur museum!

But the craziest was aunt kendra's body piercing...

okay, it was just in her ear, but that sounded crazy, huh?

We had the best time and I just hope there are more rough wilderness adventures in our future!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day! (a little late)

Sorry to be a week late, but I had to share some "Irish love" from my Bunko group (aka Teachers Gone Wild) with everyone. And no, the crazy girls video will not be shown on the blog.

Here are J.M., K.R., C.S., A.S. and E....what is that last name?

And lots of love go out from M.F., M.D., a.A. and T.D.!!!!!

Not pictured are the sad souls who were sick or watching their little ones!

Until next month my friends!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

How do you know he loves you?

Its funny what men do to show their love. Some women get flowers. Cher says that you only know if he loves you so by his kiss. I have a friend whose husband surprises her with outfits and shoes!
No, not my man. Today I smiled when I saw in a pile of my washed AND folded clothes a new (used) t-shirt. Though I know he got it at a garage sale, I know my baby is proud if he gives me this sentimental message in camoflauged cotton.......

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Can't you hear it?
"Friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them....and a friend will not say never cause the welcome will not end"........okay, you get the picture.

Chris and I have been friends with Jeff and Toby for over 9 years now, but Chris and Jeff have been friends since High school, so that makes like 30 years now...just playin.

But these are the friends you can say anything to and know they will tell you if you are full of it.

These are the friends you want to invite over just to hang out if you don't feel like going out.

These are the friends that you want to take on that cruise you'll go on if you win the lottery.

I cannot tell you how many amazing memories we have shared with them.

From showers, to trips to the lake, birthday parties and even just hanging out in the bario, here are a few memories I had in scrapbooks (sorry they are so is late!)
July 4th in Franklin 2001
Jeff and Toby's wedding shower
Center Hill Lake
Panama City, FL 2002
Good bye party at Cozymel's December 2002

They are those friends that you can just pick up with no matter how long it has been. They moved to California before I was pregnant with Chloe. But, we have met a few times for dinner here and there when they are working in town and spent an amazing weekend with them in Austin over New year's 2005.
So, we were so lucky that they had some work to do in Nashville last week because they came to see us!

We were also so excited to meet their little boy Colton, what a doll! We had only seen pictures, but now we got to love on our precious son in law in person. (We can only hope.)

When they left all I could say to Chris was, "it was not enough time!" We love you and miss you guys.