Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Fall!

Well, it is officially Fall!
Last week I had a sinus infection and this week Chloe had snot galore. So, Friday Dad took her to the doctor to make sure she didn't have an infection.

No, she didn't have an infection...she had the flu...yes the swine flu. But, the doctor said that her symptoms were so minor compared to the other flu and that she will be over this in a few days.

But, then there was the pregnant mommy. Everything we have heard about pregnant women and the swine flu is NOT good. I was told to stay away from her until Saturday night. Now, how does a Mommy stay away from her sick baby? I came home and sat down in a chair (away from her) and just cried. She also sat down in a chair and cried because she was missing the Cheetah fest!

It is Sunday and so far I have stayed as far away as a Mommy could. We are all on Tamiflu and hoping we are going to be out of the house soon.

But, while I was away (moving my classroom from the portable to the building) the "sick fairies" came. Our fairies, other wise known as Darlin' and Papa brought sacks of goodies. KFC bucket of food, sacks of Krispie Creme donuts and sacks of scrapbooking, notebooks, cookies sprinkles and halloween outfits!

Thank you darlin and Papa. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! And especially my heart! After spending from 9:00-5:30 working at school coming home to chicken, green beans and amazing potatoes and gravy made my week! AND, the girls have had a blast scrapping and watching their sponge capsules grow so Chris and I can watch a movie!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gimme a C......Gimme a K.....

Okay, I know we have 6 more months, but anybody got some names for us? Please know there is a chance we will take none of them, but I need some more ideas. I would like the boys' name to start with a K (like ME) and then the girl to have C like the other girls (and Chris). But, I have always liked Kenzie (after Kendall and Kendra) and go crazy!

Family on Labor day

The weekend officially started on Sunday afternnon at Corky's.
There you could find cousins riding pigs....Divas growing up way too fast...
old friends from Texas that you love like family

and a lot of smiles and love

Don't forget the BBQ!

We also got to celebrate 2 August birthdays.....
Uncle Alan

and Isabel.....

We had a ball on labor day. We were spoiled with food from Darlin's kitchen, massaged at the mall, and the girls even got a shopping trip to Justice!

We ended up back at the Carpenters for another amazing dinner and celebrated all the birthdays with gifts (Mindy I am still waiting to gear from you!) and food. And though this Carpenter family had school and work on Tuesday, we loved the time we got to spend "out of town" in Bellview with family and friends that we feel blessed to have!

Watch out KOTK

Cause here she comes!

It is Cami Elise Carpenter. The 2 1/2 year old who sings like Taylor Swift and fights like Batman!!!!

Wednesday was Cami's first day of preschool. And even though I hate not getting to take her, I did grab some standard 1st day picks!It must have been a tough day, cause when she got home she needed a stiff glass of grape juice (Welch's !)...hee hee!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She is home!!!

In April, I posted "Show Some Love". It was a post about a concert my friends were having to raise money to bring a baby home from Ethiopia. They had already named her Kaiyin, which meant long awaited child, but had never laid eyes on her.

In July, in my post about "A Year Later", I mentioned that my friends Elmira and Steve were given a baby girl that week and we got to see the picture of the beautiful baby Kaiyin that night.

Well, here we are in September and the post entitled "She is home"....means just that!!!!

Sunday night Steve and Elmira came home from Ethiopia with the newest addition to their family!!!!! Friends, neighbors and family waited on their street with balloons and signs to welcome them all home. Here are some pictures of very excited fans with posters and then some with tearfilled eyes when we saw Kaiyin Miriam Burke finally with her Mommy and Daddy.