Thursday, April 29, 2010

6 weeks of Koda

Being baby #3, Koda has not had so many pictures taken like the other two. I didn't realize it until my sweet sister asked me to take some pictures. So here are some shots from this week!
This one really starts to show how Koda is looking like Daddy
Just chillin in his bouncer

Aunt Julie let us borrow so many cute clothes....look at our little
football player in hat and tennis shoes!

Being cute wears him out!
And here he is with Dr. Scott! I love this woman.
(Look at that 6 week old's head control!)
Look who found the mobile!

Lastly, this week Koda started cooing and smiling so much!
I tried to film it, but of course he stopped....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Daddy on Duty

Sweet Daddy always seems to get in the pictures!
But, I want to tell you how great he is to us!
This guy always gets up with the girls so that I can sneak in another 1 hour nap.
But, sometimes when he is "watching" the girls upstairs.....he seems to fall asleep.....and......

his girls "decorate" him!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Cuteness of Koda

How sweet is this? (Koda looks a little worried!)
"wake up you two!"

Daddy can't get enough either!
(Maybe one day, Mommy could get a pic of her with her baby!)

Praising the Lord with his hands up!
Yes! He is sucking his thumb!
More to come :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A few friendly faces to THANK.....

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have people show their love for postpartum mammas by bringing dinner! We have been so blessed with amazing meals like Italian, Chinese, KFC, chicken casseroles and so on! I am sad that I didn't get pictures of all the sweet faces that brought us a meal (I wasn't always able to come to the door or remembered my camera!). We hoped the bonus would be that they got to hold and love on our beautiful baby Koda, but we need to say THANK YOU to:

Carpenters, Apples, McNeils, Lightners, Allison, Garners, Audry, Max and Mistey, Terry, Angela
(and to the Smiths, Carsons and Fields for not being mad when we went out to eat :) )

Amy and Angie
Johnell, Eric and AddieJamieJulieCaronand the Nicaraguan maid...Mary! (Isn't she hilarious! The woman needs no make up to look this good, but comments that she would be identified as the Nicaraguan maid!)
The Stephens


Elmira and Kaiyin

Kim, Marie and Brooke

Kristy and Laura
Thanks again! Love, The Carpenter house!

Happy Easter... a little late

Easter Sunday started with what sounded like elephants running to our bedroom door.... I had forgotten the Easter bunny came! So, up we went into the living room to see what the bunny brought....The girls were delighted with their Easter treats.

The teacher in me, could not let the Bunny be what we celebrated, so this year Chloe and I read 4 children's books about what Easter is really about! JESUS
But, my dreams of going to church with my family in matching outfits did not happen. After thinking about it, taking a 3 week old to church not knowing when he would like to cry or eat kinda took away the enjoyment of the service for me. And if you know me, I have a little fear of all the germs that people pass as they feel they must touch the new baby.
So, in true Carpenter style, we ate at Pancho's with the Carpenter (and Thornton) crew. Then I promised Chloe we would color eggs and have an Easter egg hunt.....

Sunday night we colored the eggs, but didn't get to have a hunt until Monday.

The Carpenters have a tradition of the Golden Egg (which is actually silver). Inside there is real MONEY! So, that was what the girls were really trying to get. And the winner was....

But, Chloe won the prize of finding the MOST eggs!

Happy Easter everyone! And remember what the holiday is really about.....fijitas and cheese, how amazing it is that God sent his son to be beaten to death for our sake. But, not just that, Jesus rose from the dead to show what an amzing Holy God we serve!