Saturday, August 22, 2009

What is in our yard today?

You never know what you are going to see in our backyard...a skunk, possum, chihuahua in a trap! But, today as the girls and I were eatting breakfast we saw a parade of cattle walk by our fence...yes a parade of CATTLE. The girls loved it. I knew we bought a house in the city, but wondered if I was in Chelsea (where my grandparents raised Cattle in THE COUNTRY!).

(Sorry I filmed to the side...I keep forgetting about that)

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never fun, especially when it is to someone who you didn't expect to loose, someone you knew would always be there. My Uncle Don was always there. Ever since I was little, Uncle Don and Aunt Karen lived in the same town, went to the same church and was always there for every holiday or Sunday lunch.
Ever since I was little, Uncle Don was always there to give me a hug and say, "hey there, Kyla". I remember my mom saying to me when I was in junior high that she thought that Uncle Don gave me more hugs than my dad! One of my favorite memories is when I was at the movies in fifth grade. It was summer time and my friend Jolana (I think it was her!) went to see a matinee. We had just forgoten to make sure we had a ride home. After not reaching either of our parents, I knew right who to call....333-5394 and there he was to save the day!
At the funeral, it was amazing how everyone said the same wonderful things about him..."he never had a bad thing to say, a wonderful Christian man, loved to play golf, a great baseball player, amazing craftsman, and a true family man."
Here is one of my favorite pictures of MY uncle Don Though it was taken YEARS ago, I always loved how my uncle don looked like the Cowboys' coach!!!
His funeral was just what it should be. It was a wonderful tribute to an amazing man, as well as, a time for us Christians to praise and thank God for the amazing gift of eternal ife. I will never forget the overwhelming feeling of the presence of the holy pirit as we sang "Because He Lives." But, the most precious part was hearing my aunt Karen, his best friend of 50 years, singing her heart out. Her strength can only be understood by the faith she has in her savior. I continue to pray for her as she goes through her everyday and nights without her best friend by her side.
Though we hated the reason, I was able to see my family and get some pictures of cousins I don't get to see often.
Here is my aunt Karen holding my cousin Beth's little girl Kylie.and here are the three sisters. Karen, Kendall (my momma) and Janene.And though they will shoot me for posting this, this is my favorite shot! It just is more "them"!
Here are Janene, her daughter Beth and Beth's two kiddos Kylie and Wyatt.
My adorable cousins, Becca (who is a senior!!!!!!!) and A.J. the 5th grader!

The beautiful Tamny family.....Amanda, T.J. and Alan

My beautiful sis and Amanda

Becca, Amanda, Devin and Kylie

And I hate that Kara Dawn and Joel never made it in my camera!
Thanks for letting me share my trip and my memeories.

First day of First Grade

Really, first grade! I thought you may be thinking surely she is going into at least 4th grade with the high tops, peace sign top and sequin hat, but no, Chloe is in first grade! Thanks to a shopping trip to Justice with Darlin', my Diva is set for a high fashion year!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What is in a furtune cookie?

Last Sunday, we went to Ming's with a secret, that obviously needed to be let out.....

Yes, it is true. We are almost 7 weeks pregnant. This will probably come to a shock to most of you seeing that Chris and I said we were finished with our family of four. But in the spring, both of us felt that maybe God was saying that HE might not be done with our family. Obviously He wasn't. The thought of a third melted our hearts.

I am sure everyone realizes that the timing of this is very....humorous. Financially this is one of the hardest times we've had. Me starting school sick as a dog 24hours a day is definately going to be a challenge, and oh, we gave away all of baby things!

But, I am reminded that God is amazing. Even though things look impossible, I am still so excited about this new life inside of me. What if it is a boy! A little hunter for Chris. What if it is another little precious girl that will steal my heart away like her sisters have. I think we could have the Jonas sisters in the making! You can see the girls are exstatic.

So, I tell everyone on the blog so that if you want to say, "What are you thinking?" you can't! Only positive exciting comments can be left on the blog!!!!! And if you want to dig out all that baby stuff you've saved in the attic and never knew why, you can! But, as you see Chloe has it pretty well planned out, so who's concerned?