Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy birthday Chloe

On June 3rd, Chloe Grace turned 10 years old! For breakfast, we went to Cracker Barrel for pancakes.

Then it was time for her party!
Being 10 means you get to design your own cake, invitations and shirt!!! (So long for Mommy's ideas!) Chloe invited 10 friends to Sky High in Nashville to jump on the many trampolines and foam pits. Darlin', Papa, Mindy and Harry came to celebrate Chloe too. 

No more tonsils!!!

 When Koda started snoring and stopping breathing at night, we knew it was time to visit the ENT.

 We visited Dr. Ryan Duncan and set up the earliest appointment to have his tonsils and adniods removed.
On May 24th Darlin and Papa met us at the hospital to make sure Koda was okay and then took the girls for the night.  Koda was such a great patient....especially with silly juice! 

 But, afterwards, he was not happy at all.  Luckily Daddy and the Disney channel was in his room waiting for him.

 At home, Koda (and Daddy) had lots of Popsicles and watched lots of Finding Nemo to make him all better.

Dance Mom

On Mother's Day weekend, I got to be a dance mom! Chloe's first dance competition was in Murfreesboro and she loved every second of it.
She and Sydney got first place in their lyrical duet age group.
The 5 younger dancers known as the "littles" also got first in their dance respect.

 And then the next weekend was the Show Stoppers competition. Back to quick changes and fake eyelashes!
The Littles got first in their lyrical dance dream and the team rocked with Hairpray!

And then just one week later...the dance recital! Chloe had dress rehearsal from 4:30 until 10:00 Friday night and then two shows on Saturday.  She was dancing from 11:30 until 9:00!
 And...she was GREAT!!!!

Baby Jackson

This year Cameron's kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Shaunda Fourakre. This woman is amazing. She is such a light for Jesus. I was ecstatic she would be Cameron's teacher.  And, when we found out in the fall she would miss the end of the year because she was having a baby, we didn't grieve, we celebrated!!!  Shaunda's first baby girl Anna was taken to heaven minutes after she was born, so to see Shaunda grow and learn she was having a healthy baby boy we were blessed to be a part of this miracle.  On April 23rd, Jackson was born. We were lucky to bring dinner and get some hugs to the new family.

A Photo Shoot

For Virginia's 1st birthday, Kristen had a photo shoot of the guests!!!!!

It was a ton of fun, but I just realized I don't have ONE picture of the beautiful birthday girl!

Spring is Here!!!!

It seemed to take forever, but finally warm weather came and we got to play OUTSIDE!  While Chloe was at dance, Chris and I took the little ones to the park.
Koda finally got to use his birthday toys and showed us we was a great batter!

 Cami had her best friend Kaydance from her class come over and they played outside the entire time. Jackson another fishy friend joined the fun!

Loving on Harry

When Mindy and Phil had Harry I had no idea our girls would love him so much! One day we met for lunch with the family and the girls had the most fun kissin and huggin on Harry!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tail Gator

Allendale has its "carnival" every year known as the Tail Gator.  This year each grade preformed in the chorus.  Cami was great singing about monkeys and pigs, while Chloe sang about Lewis and Clark!

 But, the kids loved the booths and games, like the donut eating contest, face painting and the limo ride!