Sunday, February 10, 2013

Talent Show Divas

We had two Divas trying out for the ADES talent show from our house. Cami dressed up as Sharpay and with some help from her hunky lifeguard Dean Campbell, sang Fabulous with sass.
 Chloe has prepared for talent show tryouts every year since kindergarten, but at the last minute decided not to. NOT THIS YEAR! Chloe choreographed a sassy jazz number to "Hit me with a Hot Note" and gave it her all.
We find out tomorrow the results, so hopefully these won't be the last pictures of these two acts!

Courage Award

My Chloe Grace Carpenter is many things.  She is my first born baby.  She is energetic and happy.  She is a talented dancer.  She is overly sensitive to others' feelings (not always her sister's). She is a very bright and hardworking student. And, on Friday, she was acknowledged as being something more: courageous. At ADES, each month a child from each class is given an award for showing outstanding character in Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Perseverance, Courage, Citizenship and a few more I forgot. 

And the more I think about it, Chloe does show courage in so many ways. She stands up to those bullying others, she created a whole platform for student council president and this year she tried out for the talent show.

I am so proud of my Chloe..... for so many reasons. But, most of all, she has Jesus in her heart and shows it everyday!

Happy Birthday Aaron

After the Father Daughter dance, the Apples invited the grown ups over for their own event! We had a fancy Happy Birthday Surprise Party for Aaron Pettus.  While we waited for the birthday boy, we took some pics :)

Father Daughter Dance

February 2nd was the Longview Rec Center's Father Daughter Dance. Both Chloe and Cami had so much fun picking out their dress and getting dressed up for their date with daddy!


Well, it wasn't much, but on Friday February 1st, we got a snow day!  It was too powdery to make a snowman, but Cami still managed to make a snow angel and Chloe managed to dance! Sweet Koda wasn't too sure what to do with it! But, at least Mommy got pictures!

Happy Birthday Johnell and Teresa!!!

Two of my dearest friends turned a year older in January. So, us "amigas" went out to celebrate Teresa Johnson and Johnell Jackson at Amigos!

EXCEL convention

We had planned to get back to Tennessee in time for Chloe to dance at the Chik fil A bowl, but she got the FLU instead! She just started feeling better in time for the EXCEL dance convention. There were many dancers from the T.V. show "So You Think You Can Dance" teaching the girls new moves. (Some of us moms were a little star struck) but, Chloe got their autographs and had a wonderful experience.