Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas at Bass Pro

We decided to take our picture with Santa at Bass Pro again this year.  It took Mommy and Koda waiting in line for an hour and a half, but it was worth it!  We got cute pics in line and Koda got to see Steve the reindeer!

After a little coaxing, Cameron was able to smile by Santa for the first time! 

After the picture the kids enjoyed making crafts, shooting arrows, and .....camping!

Thankful for Dancing

Chloe's dance team agreed to dance for The Light of the World Parade at Opry Mills Mall on Black Friday.  This meant starting to dance at 12:00 midnight every 15-30 minutes until 10:00p.m. the next day!  Though it was hard and very tough on old Mommy, Chloe did a fantastic job and had a blast!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy 40th Birthday Surprise

Chris Anthony Carpenter turns 40 years old on November 22nd.  For years I have been thinking about what would make this day really special for him.  He told me over and over he did NOT want a big party.  So, I organized a small party with a BIG surprise!
When we got to the Carpenters, they were all in camo awaiting the man of the hour....even the babies!(Mindy and Phil took the best picture of a true Redneck family!)

Rita and Leroy made a wonderful brisket and Kristen picked up the camo cake from Publix!

Then it was time for the BIG surprise. . . . 1st he opened pictures of he and Jeff, then a moose that was supposed to be an elk, and then a fake plane ticket to Colorado...put it all together. . . .

Next Fall, Chris gets to go on the elk hunt he has been planning for years! With every one's help, he'll get to take his trip BEFORE the kids get old and move away! 
Harry seemed to be the center of our attention for quite a while!!!

But, then there was cake, pie and cobbler. . . . .

Happy birthday Chris. We love you

Happy Halloween

This year we had a Catarina, Cookie Moster and a Sassy Zebra

The Johnson's Farm

Mrs. Teresa has a farm,
and on this farm she has Alpacas
with a poo poo here and poo poo there
here a poo poo, there a poo poo
everywhere a poo poo
Mrs. Teresa has a farm
and on this farm a donkey named Katie
with a hug, hug, here
and a hug, hug, there
here a hug, there a hug everywhere a hug, hug
Mrs. Teresa has a farm
and on this farm she had a cookout
with a smile, smile here
and a smile, smile there
here a smile, there a smile

everywhere a smile, smile!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kindergarten Dress-up Day

Cameron is loving kindergarten in Mrs. Fourakre's class....especially the DRESS UP DAYS!  Here is a snapshot of Wyatt and Cami on Scarecrow day and Kaydence, Cera, Cami and Gracie at the sock hop!

Let it Shine!

For Cami's birthday party she wanted to have a Barbie birthday at Let it Shine! She invited boys and girls from church, pre-K, kindergarten and family friends to make a great group of friends and family to celebrate her!
"Look Grammie! I wore the new jump suit you sent me...don't I look cute?"

 We had so much fun and are so thankful for our sweet 6 year old Cameron Elise!