Sunday, June 29, 2008

I've Only Just Begun

Here it is almost midnight and I am....BLOGGING! I really know nothing about writing a blog and honestly never make the time to read them, but due to a wonderful weekend with friends, I agreed to dive in.

I was introduced to this blogging sensation due to a friend's journey of adoption. Even though we were all thrilled with the addition to this already family of five, it seemed that there were so many tough obsticles she was constantly facing. Though I was praying for her daily, I never knew if I should ask how things were going. I never wanted it to be a bad day and my questions bring her to tears. So, I thought having a blog was a perfect way to know how the process was going and when we could celebrate the arrival of her sweet baby girl.

Then there was my bed ridden, pregnant with twins, dear friend Tonya. The girl had nothing but time to think of all the craziness that was about to come to her. What a wonderful way to write down the thoughts, questions, worries and excitements that filled her mind.

But, most importantly, my dear, stay at home, mother of three, precious friend Heather decided to enter into this web world. She was so excited about the little bits of her day that she could blog, as well as, the fun comments and postings of others.

So, here I am. I doubt very seriously anyone will read this...but I told four blogging friends last weekend, I was gonna try! I also decided to use this blog to challenge my friends to take my weekly word and try to memorize scripture.

Oh yah, "Hunting after Ballet" came from a comment I made about my husband's daily routine. Last year, my whole world changed when I went to work and my sweetheart was the stay at home Dad to our two lttle girls. Through this season in our lives, he has become an even more amazing parent, as well as, a really great pony tail maker!