Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Family Reunion

Each year, we enjoy a beautiful afternoon with friends at Arrington Vinyard.  This year we celebrated seeing Steve, Elmira and Kaiyin as they came back to visit.  The last time we were there,  we were sending them off to California!  Here are a few pictures of each year's visit!
April 28, 2012

And here are the little girls :)

The boys had so much fun with Tucker!

Here are a bunch of fun pics :)

What an awesome night...with AWESOME people!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A shower for Baby Carpenter

Last night we surprised Scott and Kristen with a little baby shower at Amerigos!

One of the favorite parts of the night was giving Scott his Survial Kit...including baby silencer (ear plugs and a six pack), energy booster (energy drinks) and the diaper changing kit....
complete with face mask, clothes pin, industrial rubber gloves, goggles and diaper disposable bags:)

He is ready now!
Eggplant parmasan . . . . didn't do the trick!  Still waiting for baby girl!

Little Koda Bear Sat on a Tile Square. . .

Little Koda bear sat on a tile square
eatting his Daddy's cheesecake
Stuck in his thumb and said yum yum
was this plastic on here by mistake?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

This year, our church service met at 5:00. So, after we enjoyed stories about the First Easter and the goodies from the Easter bunny, we went to Bellevue to celebrate with the Carpenters.
The kids. . and Papa... were all ready for the fun!We started the festivities off with a little "ping pong"
Then, after lunch it was time for the EGG HUNT!
Uncle Phil had to hold the girls back, but when he let go...they were off! Koda got in on the fun too! But, he really enjoyed the tractor......riding it, not driving it!
Scott and Kristen enjoyed the hunt as spectators! Thank you Darlin and Papa for a wonderful Easter!
We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Awesome Easter Bunnies

Our Easter bunnies this year gave us AMAZING goodies!
Grammie and Paw Paw sent us $ for a new bedroom and Darlin' and Papa bought us tomatoes and plants for a new garden. Thank you guys so much!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Helmet Safety

We here at the Carpenter house believe very strongly in the helmet law :)

Their OWN rooms... kind of

For Spring Break, we decided it was time for the girls to get THEIR OWN rooms!
Here is Chloe's :
and Cami's:
Okay, so it is actually the same ROOM, but they get their own side! Still have a few final touches, but here it is :)

Happy Easter!!!!

A little bit of Hollywood!

We heard from a friend that an audition for young talent was coming to town. The kids just had to memorize 3 lines and pay no $. Well, we were so excited that our little actresses would have the chance to show their "dramatic side." Cami and Chloe looked like little Justice models. They did a great job saying their lines, (Cami actually got really shy and wasn't her dramatic self) and we left feeling like we had a fun experience no matter what happened.
But, the BEST part was getting to meet Zeke from Wizards if Waverly Place! He came to talk to the kids about how to audition and how to keep believing in yourself even if you hear "no". We actually did get a call back phone call for Chloe! It was really exciting until we realized it was a call back to come talk about paying $2000 to let their company market her for auditions. Needless to say, we had to pass. But, I believe this was the start of something exciting!!!!