Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas

What a Merry Christmas we Carpenters had!

On Christmas Eve, we started off with hot chocolate and then read the Christmas story....... first a hardback "age appropriate" book of Jesus' birth. Then to get all "teachery" on my kids, I used the nativity scene to explain the words that we read in the Bible. This is a tradition we have always had, but this time I know Chloe "got it." Then it was hilarious because Chloe wanted to get to bed right away...she "did not want coal in her stocking." I put Cami to bed telling her she had to go to sleep so that Santa would bring presents. She got really big eyed and said, "Sana no come to my house!" I told her he would just put the presents under the tree and then leave. He wouldn't come in her room. She replied, "Sana no come in my room. Sana no come in Mommy's room. Sana no come in Co Co's room!"

Daddy and I then "finished wrapping some presents" and got in bed about midnight.

Then the morning began with a scream from Chloe at our door at 7:00a.m.

And off to the tree we went!

After the girls rejoiced over Santa's gifts (HSM school for Chloe and Radio Flyer for Cami) and stocking stuffers galore, my sweet Chloe wanted to GIVE presents out first. I love this about my Chloe. She truely loves to give. First, it was Momma's gift, then Daddy's and then she asked if she could open one. (Sorry Cami- but to Chloe's defense Cami was so excited to eat the suckers that she got in her stocking, that she really could have cared less about the gifts.....until she started to open them.)

I have to say that my Mom and Dad sent at least 75% of the gifts under tree. We usually make sure we go to Oklahoma to celebrate with them, but this year we really needed to NOT travel. Cami still asks to go to "Mammie's house" everytime we get in the car, but I don't think she remembers the four days of traveling to get there and back.

Kendra, as always, sent the most exciting gifts.

Chloe went crazy over the cupcake maker...of course this is a toy that requires adult supervision....but she's worth it. We had to make two before we could get ready for lunch.

Here is a picture of the girls styling their new clothes Grammie sent.

Then we were on our way to the most delicious Christmas lunch ever eaten in Bellevue with Chris' family. There the girls were again spoiled with toys and clothes galore. Chloe seriously has the cutest clothes I have ever seen on a 5 year old! But, the best gift was for Cami. It is the Dance Cam! Can you believe that the Carpenters girls have lived without this??? (especially mommy!)

But one of the best Christmas gifts was that we didn't have an agenda the next day. We slept until almost 10:00a.m., then stayed in our p.j.s ALL DAY!!!!!!!!

Abd I still have one more week off!!!!

I am planning on potty training Cam....I am sure there will be blogs about that!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus....

Today we took the girls to see Santa! I have a collection of pictures throughout the years and i was excited to document this year. Cami was still very shy about it after seeing the "Coe cying with Sana" picture, but started getting really excited about Chloe seeing him.

Today we were running errands and they both were begging us to know when we could get there to see Santa. We stood in line over 45 minutes trying to be polite to over friendly parents who thought we were there to mingle. The girls were so good, and they were so excited.

Here is Cami's interview:

We took some fun pictures as we got closer to "Sana's house"......Then we turned the corner...... and all "h-e-double hockey sticks" broke loose.

Cami started screaming and Chloe started hiding!!!! I had to stay close to Chloe because last year she literally took off running. Yes, in the mall during christmas shopping!

I was not supposed to be in the picture, but I stayed close so that Cami could "slide" in. But, she was NOT going to unclaw my shoulder.

Chloe was the excited one, not the one that was going to hide and cry behind me!!!

Thankfully, Chloe started talking to "Santa's helper" (we decided that since Santa was in the North Pole making gifts and there were so many different Santas everywhere, that Santa had helpers that looked like him in stores and stuff. This was actually something Joshua Large told his mom and I loved it!) and had some smiles for us.

But, nevertheless, we have a picture to save this wonderful Holiday spirit!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My 80's boy

In Sunday school today I was going to have a really cool visual about influences. I had my big 'ol bangs picture and was showing how Cindy Crawford, Meg Ryan and my big sis were my influences (all pictures on disc to show in class....the player of course would not read the disc......

But I did get to save a cute 80s boy picture. I thought I would share....

Last night we had our Sunday School was a blast. Here are two pics of who was there, but you should really go to our blog and see what fun we had

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas From our blog to yours!

Remember, no matter how pretty the tree, or how wonderful the food...Christmas is about our savior coming to Earth to save us from death. Thank you, Father for giving us your son to have eternal life. And thank you for not only sending me a savior, but a friend, comforter, protector and holy God. Merry Christmas

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

"Happy Birthday to me....Happy Birthday to me......Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEE...Happy Birthday to me!"

I think when you turn 34...well any number past MUST celebrate with your girl friends in your p.j.s like you did when you were in junior high. I did. Every year from fourth grade on, I had a slumber party which included lots of junk food, playing games, laughing until you almost peed your pants and when we got older and could drive ..... go TEE PEEING! (sorry mom)

Last night some great friends

Look at Pam's new tattoo!!!

made my year by taking time out of this busy holiday season to come over,

eat lots of junk food, play games

(Christmas pictionary.....and some other "colorful" clues Chris added!)


Kyla, a.k.a. Pepa, singing "It's nonna your business!"

and laugh so hard we were rolling in the floor.

I have numerous videos of the "dancing" that took place with my Salt 'n Pepa cd,
but I promised my friends not to blog them. Too bad, cause they are hilarious!!!!

At this age, who gets embarassed anymore?????

Thank you guys for making me feel special :)
I love you!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Thursday night big, beautiful snowflakes came down! At 9:15p.m. I got "the call" saying that I got to sleep in, stay home with my family and get paid for it! I LOVE SNOW!

Friday morning Chloe came in screaming that we had to play in the snow, so here we go!

I should have been a more adventurous Mommy and played with Chloe Thursday night because the snow that morning was not sticking to make a snowman. But, we had fun anyways.....

All the girls got a turn to sled down our front yard

Then we ganged up on daddy with a mini snow ball fight ...poor guy

We also made snow angels.

Did I mention that I got paid for working this day? Thank you Lord for the snow!!!!

Daughter of the King

I don't even know how to start this.....tonight my baby girl asked Jesus into her heart. We had talked for months about it, she even told her Sunday school class she had already asked him in her heart 7 times. So, she started the new believers class. Due to being sick, she missed the last class. I guess I had relied on that class to "make it official."

Tonight after kissing her goodnight in her bed she said, "Mom, you know how you said that you and me and Daddy could pray together to ask Jesus in my heart, can we do that tonight or later?"


After we talked, Chris said that she could repeat after me if she wanted to, she said, "I just want to pray."

It was something like this: "Dear Jesus, I know I was born a sinner. I want to try to be my best. Thank you for loving me and for dying for me. Thank you that I finally get to ask you into my heart. Thank you for coming into my heart. amen"

Well, I have to say that was the sweetest most precious thing I have heard. She said what she wanted to say to her Father and I really feel that she knows what she asked for.

Thank you Father that I was able to hear my baby girl become a Christian. Thank you for answering a prayer I have prayed ever since she was being created inside my belly.

Tonight, Saturday, December 13th will always be a special day in our house! As well as, one of the most memorable moments in my life!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tears for Fears

Okay, please do not call DHS...but, I had to get this on the blog. Saturday the girls and I decorated the house for Christmas...I love it...and I put out for display some of the many Christmas pictures we've taken. Well, we have a picture of Chloe at 3 screaming on Santa's lap. We all have them, right? I thought it was cruel at first to frame it, but since it was the only Christmas picture of Chloe at that age, I kept putting it out each year.

My sweet Cami saw it and brought it to me with crocidle tears..."Coe cying...Sanna.....Coe sad!" It killed me. I asked her about it again...and this was her reaction:

Friday, December 5, 2008


To continue our trip......

we landed in Bartlesville, Oklahoma at 4:30 p.m. and our first stop was at Kendra's office. We were so excited to get the hugs from aunt Kendra that there were no pictures taken.

Next we headed to my folks home for Grammie's chilli and a night of playing dolls :)

The next day when Kendra was at work, mom was getting her hair done and Dad was working in th office. Chris and I got to take the three kiddos out for lunch to BRAUM'S. If you aren't from Oklahoma, Arkansas or Texas you probably do not know that Braum's has the best ice cream and hamburgers in the planet!

This is what happens after the sugar reaches their blood stream....

But, if you are from Bartlesville, you know that one thing that you do almost daily is go to Wal-Mart!!! We ran in and exchanged some pajamas that were too small for Cami and we found MONKEY p.j.s (Cami loves Curious George). Well, it wouldn't be FAIR not to get Chloe and Devin some......arn't they adorable!

We also had a family photo taken....they were really great...but with OUR camera we got the bloopers.....

Sorry Mom and Dad...this was just too funny not to blog!!!! Remember you love me :)

That night Chef Boy R Kendall had prepared Chicken Tetrazini. This is a dish that I love to make. I have made it for years and it was also one of my husband's favorites for a long time. BUT, after tasting Mom's tetrazini my beloved replied, "Wow, that is the best thing I have ever had that you've made. Kyla has tried to make this, but this is great!" HELLO!!!! Did you say TRIED to make it...rember Kyla, you love him....anyways, at dinner we had a birthday celebration on the spry for Kendra. Chloe and I were so excited for her to open her gifts, that we couldn't wait until Friday (her birthday), so she opened our gifts.

But I have to say the gift for me that night was this......

If you know me, you know that I LOVE puzzles. I get this from my Father. He has always had a puzzle on the table at Thanksgiving and Christmas break. It is our "bonding time". My mother, well, she HATES them. She also dislikes us taking the table space in the kitchen. I caught this picture on film so I could actually have proof that she sat down and worked a few pieces! Miracles still exsist!

Of course not one picture of Turkey Day was taken! We celebrated at my Aunt Karen and Uncle Don's house. I am very fortunate to have always lived in the same town with them and they have always been there to love and support me growing up. I remember not having a ride home from the movies one summer day, who did I call...Uncle Don! Then in seventh grade my shorts were a 1/4 an inch too short for the short requirements at Madison Junior High. Who came to my rescue...Aunt Karen!!! She said she was going to stitch lace or fringe on them for me, but we got a another pair at home instead. We also got to see my cousin and her family. Kara Dawn and Joel are an awesome couple who are strong believers and who love to embarass their teenage daughter in public. I feel they are great role models for Chris and I!

But Friday was FUN DAY!

Chris, Kendra, Devin, Cami, Chloe and I took the van to T town. We went to lunch at a place that Kendra and I grew up LOVING as children. Casa Bonita. Where else can you pay mucho dinero for low quality food, yet sit in a cave or by a waterfall and have non stop sopapias!!!! We got to share this with our children.

I love my sister!!!!!!Do you remember how fun it was to pick out your tray????And the not so real looking water fall?

It was so fun!!!!

Then on to BUILD A BEAR.....

Oh the excitement. This was our fifth trip to build a bear with aunt Kendra. She loves it and is able to live through the kiddos without puffing one up herself! The funny thing was, this was Cami's first time to "build a bear" and she knew just what to do. Maybe those 2 years in the stroller she had gathered a lot more than we realized!

As you can see Chris' first time build a bearing was thrilling

The final product...a T Rex, Hannah Montana Bear and a naked Monkey
But one of the coolest things was when the kids got to jump on the trampoline with bungie ropes at the mall! Chloe flew. It made me wanna do it too, but the line got too long and I started worrying that I might puke or bounce too much!

Then off to the hotel.

You see, last year we decieded to spend the weekend in Branson. The kids were excited to stay in a motel and swim in the hotel pool. Well, funds were low and we hated to disappoint them, so Kendra found this hotel with a water park on the inside!!!!

And for our birthday dinners (Chris, Kendra and me) mom and Dad drove up and took us all to Shogun. The kids and grown ups loved it! Cami was so sleepy that she held her little face up.

Devin was quite dangerous with those chop sticks

Chris said, "Now, let's take one of how we really feel!"

Then we slept on number mattresses! I am not sure if I ever found "my number." But, after a breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we got in the car for another 5 hour trip to Arkansas. We had a wonderful awesome time. I am so thankful for thanksgiving break being a week!!!!