Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vinyard 2010

Here it is August and what do we like to do....Go to the Vinyard with "the Family"!

The ladies had a great time wine tasting....

And the kiddos had a blast...being kiddos in the heat!

We couldn't leave without the famous "girls on the steps" picture though!

Here we are in 20082009


Even though we had a great time, it wasn't the best reason we were there...our sweet friends the Burkes are moving to California. We will miss them terribly, but are happy you are moving closer to family......even though this family will always be here for you too!

Allendale Alligators

This year Chloe and I started at a brand new school. Allendale Elementary is the school our neighborhood is zoned for, so we decided to transfer from CRES. Though I miss a lot of the family I had at Chapman's, I am loving being at Allendale. I adore my team, administration and have a sweet class!

On August 8th, we had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the public to see our awesome new building. Now, I know you are thinking, "shouldn't that have been outside?" but, seeing that it was 100 degrees outside, we had it in the gym.

Here are the girls in front of the mascot "Allen", but the cutest alligator was Koda sportin' his alligator hat....

Then it came...August Chloe Grace was a second grader!

This year she was UPSTAIRS....In Mrs. Maxwell's class........who we LOVE!!!!And look whose artwork was already on the school's hallway!!!!

It is going to be a great year!

Got Cereal?

So excited that Big Koda is getting to eat cereal now.... (here are a few pics of how it went!)

Big sis was so proud she decided to mark his face up even more!Ohhhh...... and the carrots are so yummy

But the sweet peas are most appetizing ON the face I think!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life in Arkansas

*WARNING this is PG-13*

Coming back from Oklahoma, my family had the opportunity to stay in Cabot at Deanna and Alan's house without them there..... it was crazy how things took a crazy turn.
I woke up to find Chris leaving for "his route"

only to return due to the heat..... but like all hard working Cabot men, he was able to relax with a cold one and a good Cabot wife who knows how to treat her man.... Needless to say, Chris felt very comfortable in his brothers "shoes"

(picture removed :( )

Oh! And we were also able to take care of their "noise problem" Thanks again Deanna and Alan. We can't wait to stay there again!