Thursday, September 23, 2010

Exersaucering is EXHAUSTING!

How excited were we to get Koda a new exersaucer (that is what they are called right?) and a new jumping toy! Seeing that two years ago we thought we were finished with our family of 4, we got rid of everything baby related we had. We did this thinking if we had another, we would just borrow or get new ones. Hello! These things cost like $100! So, poor Koda was doomed to bouncing on mommy's lap!
Then we saw a friend (who happens to run Kidz Klozet consignment) and she said she was stuck with these two items! Can we say, "God is good!"
Well, here is a few pics of the fun it has given Koda.....and then last night I got a video of the exhaustion!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My friends

Though this isn't the best pic of me, I love it! This year I get to work with 5 fantastic women in first grade. We are not only teammates, but friends. I found out yesterday that I will "go to bat" for any of them no matter how dumb I look!! I love you girls!

Our H***'s Angels

Can you believe my girls are on a scooter? We have the sweetest friend who had a scooter. He got a new dirt bike. When he heard that Chloe was dying to get one of these, he told his dad that the Lord told him to give it to Chloe instead of selling it! Wow! God sure blesses us in many ways! The girls are having a blast with it!

Koda and I were on the front row cheering them on . . . . .


Little Super Stars

When we ate at Pancho's Thursday afternoon we thought we were early enough to miss the Karoke, but look who was first in line! Chloe sang Baby, Baby and had a table of football players singing along.

Little Sister was hesitant at first, but with Chloe at her ear, Cami belted out her own song! Cami tried to sing The Best of Both Worlds and sang the chorus beautifully.

Watch out Miley!