Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good bye Summer!!!

Yes, tomorrow is my first day back to work, so I am trying to remember what I did with my whole two months of vacation.

There was VBS, Deeper Still, Ridgecrest (see Ridgecrest post), Lakefest 2008, ballet recital, birthday parties, t-ball games, days at the pool....well, I will leave you with some fun pics of my summer......

Vacation Bible School at VBS
Twin day with Abi (and Cami)
The girls wore the dresses Pamela and I brought them from Nicaragua

Ms. Heather telling her amazing stories with her friend "Squawk" (sp?)

The girls were glued to Ms. Heather

After story time, they came to my room for crafts.

Friends from birth!

Lakefest 2008

Great friends, great times!

Going to the pool

"I'm ready for the pool!"

Pretty in Pink


Cami and Chloe in "baseball ready" position

Tennessee Celebrity siting!

Dance Recital

Pretty ballerina and Proud Grammie

Cami in the "bah"

Good bye Summer!!!!! I will miss you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mother Daughter Date

When the American Girl movie came out I thought Chloe would love it, but the family has to miss out on the theater due to her 2 year old sister. So, we had a mother/daughter date. We met five Mommies and their daughters for dinner and the movie. (To see more fun pics, go to A Little Bit of this and That blog).

I thought the girls were having so much fun that it would be fun to record their fun personalities. Don't you just love technology!

Knock, Knock Knocking on Miley's Doooor

I never thought for a million years I would become paporatzzi! When our nieces heard that Miley Cyrus lived in Thompson Station, all the sudden that 45 minute drive from Belleview wasn't that far away!
The fun part was when two cars came through the man looked very Billy Rayish in an antique car, but it wasn't him. Then a big white truck hauling speakers came through. It was so hard for my sweet 7 year old niece not to dash in the gate after the cars went in!

Little Mommy

Well, I had to take a picture of this.....

What is it you ask? Thirty-eight items (bibs, blankets, burp cloths, etc.) from Cami's dresser piled on top of a "baby" to go "nie-nie". Poor little guy! He had no idea that being put to bed by Cami means you get sufficated!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dance Camp 2008

This was Chloe's first year to participate in All That Dance's dance camp. She loved it! They did ballet, tap, jazz, HIP HOP (her favorite), crafts, and a little acting. She loved being partners with a "big girl" during the week, but stayed true to her friends that she has had since the womb (Abi, Mia, Ashton and Audrey)!

Here is a picture of the tap dance. My five year old is dancing to "These Boots Were Made for Walking".....interesting.

She did an awesome job dancing to HSM's "I can't dance". Watch that girl shake those hips! Makes a Momma proud.

But this video shows you how Cami is so ready to do every thing "Chlo- chlo" does. She kept saying, "Momma, I wah da." For those who don't speak Cami, my child has no ending consonants....this literally meant "Mommy, I want to dance"!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kick Ball at Thirty

Okay, 33, but anyways.

Our Sunday school class had a blast last Sunday. We got together with one of our closest friends' sunday school class. The idea was a k ickball game for the adults and the kids. So, we had a pot luck at the park Baptist style! Here are some cute pics from the kiddos. This is Chloe's newest best friend Vivian. Even though they both live in Spring Hill and go to Thompson Station church, they played at Ridgecrest in North Carolina andlove being together. Here are some adorable friends.

And Tonya and sweet Will

We had a pot luck and some time to pray and sing, but then the competition began.

If anyone knows me, I LOVE competition...the healthy kind that is. (not like competing for a guy in High school, but in games.)

When we started, our class was pretty pouty because we have like 11 people and the other team had at least 20! It was crazy. But nevertheless.... we stuck it out. My sweet Cami didn't enjoy not being at my side, so it was hard trying to play while your daughter is screaming "MOMMY". But thanks to Jodie, Tonya and Jen she calmed down so I could play and of course trash talk. If you know me, you also know that I am all talk. I love to trash talk while playing spades (you know it Scott Ruggles!), but I truely mean no harm. Now, after seeing my big mouth on our sunday school's blog ( I may start rethinking my behavior if I really want to be a Proverbs 13 woman.

Anyways, after Keith third getting minor cuts and wounds and the other side seeming to multiply like Israelites in Egypt......WE WON 4 to 1!

Here are some fun pics of our victory.

Oh yeah, the kids played too! Chloe seemed as serious as Mommy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

After Cami climbed into Chloe's bed a slept for an hour, we decided to put the toddler bed together.

Okay, it is precious, adorable and seems to be comfy for a two foot person, but in the morning......she prefers to snuggle Daddy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Anyone Need a Lumberjack?

If man can saw some logs!

Sorry you can't see the "sawing", the camera's flash wasn't on...but here is a still look :)

Back From North Carolina

Well, I need to be sleeping, but I am excited to tell you (whoever you are) about our family trip to Ridgecrest, North Carolina.

Our church invited all Sunday School leaders to come for the weekend at Ridgecrest in North Carolina. I like to describe it as a grown up VBS, and the kiddos have a blast too. Our preacher, Pastor Tom would be leading the services and our music director and praise team would lead music.

Well, knowing we had no $$ and were actually thinking of stepping down from teaching our class, We thought it wouldn't be possible......but that is what God wanted us to think!

Last minute, we got an e-mail saying there was still room to go on the trip and God had just given us a paycheck that could cover the cost of the trip. So, Chris and I thought it would be fun to take the girls and make it a family trip. Chris had also been there as a child many times, so it was fun to see how we were now going to Ridgecrest as the parents!

The weekend started off not so great when we went to dinner and we couldn't cut through the pork chops with a chainsaw, and then Cami was so upset to go to the child care that she blew chunks, yes, real chunks, all over the sweet little girl who took her. So, off to the hotel for a bath and rest. We missed the opening service. But, we did make it to the "Nibble Nook". Before we left, Chris' mom told us that as a child Chris had gotten lost, but knew how to get to the ice cream store. He waited there until they found him!

The next day we were to make breakfast at 7:45. Wouldn't you know that the alarm DIDN'T go off and I woke up at 8:00. I was so bummed that we were going to miss another session (8:30), but I got ready and started waking up the family. When I put on my watch I was surprised to see a 2 hour difference.....I thought it was only an hour is only an hour difference! Whoever stayed in our room had set it to "their" time! So, off we were to breakfast on time.

We had a great morning session on the components of a Sunday School Class, a much better lunch and then, well, a nap. At dinner we visited with some sweet friends about the crossroads we were at with our class. We didn't feel we had the time to give to the class and well, we needed to get poured into as well. After dinner, we had AWESOME praise with the TSC praise team and then Pastor Tom actually spoke to us...yes, he leaned towards Chris and I and said, "Some of you came this weekend actually thinking you were done teaching sunday school. You are not done doing what he has called you to do." Heather Hanks reached over and grabbed my arm. She told me that she was afraid lightening would strike us! It didn't have to. God spoke to both of us and it was wonderful to accept His call and rededicate to teaching Sunday School. I am planning on starting a blog for our class. It is full of such awesome people. And we do some great things. So, look for Couples in Christ's blog very soon!
(Did, I mention AWESOME worship? Well, we at TSC are what is called "Bapticostal". We are Baptist but priase like CRAZY. When we praise...we PRAISE!)

The weekend was wonderful. We got to focus on Christ and why we are really here as Christians (to lead others to Him), but we also had a great time as a family. The ice cream each night and the fun we had in the hotel room together were also priceless!

God is good...all the time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I think it is time for the Toddler Bed!

Today, as I was talking on the phone to Mrs. Heather, I saw my little Cami crawl up into Chloe's bed. She asked for the Puppy to be with her (by saying "Puppa" and pointing to the stuffed animal on the dresser) and then shreeked for me to pull up the covers around her. I left thinking, that's cute, but came back 5 minutes later to hear her snooring!

I guess it is time to put that toddler bed together!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ransom- one million dollars- ahhhhhhhh

Yes, we have her and we will not let her go without a heavy ransom.

Do not try to rescue her. She is guarded by ferocious guard dogs and being tortured by snakes. But, it seems no matter what we have tried, she continues to have a delightful smile on her face!

P.S. We also have your toothpaste and toothbrush!

Let's Get Physical

I have NO idea where she got it...But Chloe turned into Olivia Newton John Saturday. She was so excited to get her map out and start "exercising!"

I'd also like to share that if you are needing some sort of direction or wisdom in choices in your life, you may find the answers ou are searching for at La Hacienda in Spring Hill. Yes, yesterday after four and a half hours of church in a very crowded restaurant with two girls crying and a hungry, frustrated wife Chris announces, "I am done. Two is good for me." After months of prayer, it is funny how God reveals His answers over salsa and chips!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Boys and their toys

Well, I do believe it is the truth that boys will always love their toys. Some boys are stuck on X boxes, Wii, motorcylces and even guns...

Tonight I overheard a conversation about a husband buying a motorcycle because he has always had one. I thought, what in the world does this woman own for herself (and not for her family) over a grand??? anyways....

My sweetie was able to play for free the other night with my brother in law Scott. They rode dirt bikes in Franklin. But, I have to say, I LOVE that he was able to get out and, well, play. Even though he is 35, he has such a boy like playful side that I is one of the things that drew me to him. So, baby keep on playin'....but make sure that it is free though!

Just Like Mommy

While packing the car for my softball game, Cami took off her sandals and managed to put on both batting gloves and cleets.

The funny thing was that she held on to a green racketball in her batting glove the whole way to Brentwood!

I love this age!