Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Easter

On Easter, we celebrated with gifts from the Easter bunny and then read four children's books about the REAL meaning of Easter....and the best part was when Cami started reading the books by herself! 

After going to church, we celebrated Easter with the Carpenters at Scott and Kristen's with a yummy meal and an indoor Easter egg hunt.  We tried to take a picture of the grand kids, but it didn't work out too well!
(Mommy also talked uncle Phil into taking an Easter shot!)


Sick Day

When Cami woke up throwing up every hour, I knew I was in for a hard and crazy day.....but little did I know after the magic child's nausea medicine, Cami was right back to being her own "crazy!"


A Day at the Park

On the first warm Saturday in March, a few teachers and their kiddos went out to enjoy the fresh air! My kiddos had a blast playing with Meredith's two, Juliana and Aiden Atchison; Brooke's two, Michael and Chris Barnes; and Julie's Blake.

Welcome Ava Rae Jackson

We were so excited to share Koda's birthday with baby Ava!
Johnell, Eric and Addie welcomed Ava Rae into there family on March 14th, 2013.

Isn't she beautiful!!!

Koda's Crazy Bird Party

Even though he was only almost three, Koda LOVED angry birds!  So, for his third birthday, we had an Angry Bird Party at the park.
 Mommy had so much fun creating invites, games, etc. because Koda would get so excited when he would see them and scream, "My angry bird party!"

Family and friends came to play and wish Koda happy birthday!  We felt very blessed to have so many wonderful people with us!

But, a party isn't a party without a PINATA!

 Happy birthday sweet Koda bear! We love you!