Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Team Spirit

Today was Team Spirit Day at cute are my kiddos?

We have Chloe (dressed in Titan colors) as a Titan fan, Cami as the Titan cheerleader,
and Koda as "lil Chris" the baller!
Is he not the cutest basketball player in the world!

Oh, and did I mention 'lil Chris?
This is what big Chris thinks he looks like in the shorts I buy for him........

Once again lookin like a fool with his pants on the ground!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cow Crack

I know, I know, I have way too many posts about possums, skunks and cows, BUT this was hilarious!

Chris and Scott cut down the bushes in the front flower bed and thought they could "dispose of them" in the field behind the house.....little did they know what must have cut down "cow crack". There were at least a dozen lined up to taste a sample!

just another example of one man's trash another cow's treasure! hee hee

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Father's Day Chris!

For Father's Day this year we celebrated Chris and Papa with BBQ. If you were to join us, this is what you would see........

Aunt Mindy (and her phone) with KodaUncle Phil's creative tissue paper "headbands"Chris' first DAD coffee mug

True excitement when he opened his hand made gifts

Fun Father's days cards

And a Daddy that is truely loved and adored!

(he also got a new saw, drill, etc. kit from Mommy!!!!)

Playdate of the Summer #1

Last Thursday, my teacher mommies met at the park and for lunch.
Look at these cuties!Here is T. and B. welcoming Koda to the mix!
T. is on top of the world!!!!!

One of the things I miss most about staying home is PLAY DATES!
I thank God daily for the friends that He has blessed me with. But, going back to work meant not seeing my closest friends that I had been able to talk to daily. I want to send out some love to the old "5". I miss my sweet stay at home friends so much! We went through so much together and you will always have a special place in my heart!

1st grade fun!

Next year I am so excited to be teaching with five amazing women in first grade at Allendale!
Jamie, Johnell, Julie, Me, Audry and Amanda

We couldn't wait til August to start being a team, so
we decided to start with a cook out at Jim and Audry's house! Here are the guys we love! And here are pictures of the little ones we love.

First, the three littlest ones....Annabella Clark, Koda Carpenter and Addie Jackson(the girls are already fighting for him! heehee)(Look at Addie's beautiful blue eyes!) Here she is with Daddy and MommyThe Justice Models (Maddie, Chloe and Emily)Sweet Mary Elizabeth and Daddy in the water table....

Dean, Laura (& Pink Baby) and Cami wadin'.....

Happy Chris (?) and Koda....

The beautiful Bilicki girls (Emily, Jamie and Maddie).......
Julie and her little man Blake......
Amanda and her sweet girls (Mary Elizabeth and Annabella).....
But we did not just sit around and look cute...we played and played hard!

Here is a mean game of teatherball with Emily, Chloe and Blake....
Here are Dean and Blake showin' us how it is done....

They played so hard, they had to call in the handywoman to fix the stand!

(....or try. Thanks Jim for finishing my efforts!)Did I mention it was 110 degrees outside?
We had water fun with the slip and slide.....

Chloe showin' us how it is done!

But, the fun REALLY began when a friendly game...or games...of corn hole were played!

Congrats to Eric and Jim as the Corn Hole Tournament Champions!!!!

I am looking forward to many more fun times with a group of wonderful people!
(and cooler weather!)

Elmira's Birthday

I feel so lucky that God has blessed me with friends that I would call family. For our birthdays we always meet and celebrate. Last month was Elmira's big 35! I can say that because I am 6 months older than she is!How pretty does she and Betty look?

We loaded her with gifts and.....


And ended the night with Sweet Cece's.

Happy Birthday my friend! I am so blessed to have you as my friend.