Friday, January 30, 2009

Her First Dance

Well, last Tuesday night Chloe came home excited that she was going to a Father Daughter Dance with her Daddy. Seriously, she asked me at least 10 times Wednesday, how many more days until the dance. When we were at Kroger, Chris went down another aisle, and Chloe said to me, "I think I know where Daddy went. He went to get me flowers for the dance." Oh, my poor Chloe......she has no idea that her Daddy is not a gift giver, and when he does get a gift it will be purchased 10 minutes before the event....... or after the event!
Anyways, I made sure Chris was on board for this because his little girl's heart was gonna break if he messed this one up! He assured me he was.
Tonight I found a dress at Marshall's on the clearance said CHLOE WOULD love me. I told Chris that HE needed to give it to her for the dance. Watching this 36 year old man sit on his daughter's princess comforter as he gave his 5 year old daughter a brand new dress was priceless. Oh, the look on her face when she took it out of the sack. Then after she tried it on, the sweet hug and "thank you, Daddy." It almost made me cry.
Well, she just asked me to take her picture of her in her new dress for the dance and put it on the blog.......I thought the story was so sweet that it was a must!
Oh, and Cami had to put on a dress and take pictures too!

It is crazy to think that one day she will be getting ready for a dance, but the looks of love on her face will be for a pimply little punk! I don't think I am even going to start thinking about that one.........

"Jethro....git yur gun!"

This is for those wanting to see if "he got the skunk", we have footage!

Please note that this is Chris' footage, so it will not be "appreciated"

by PETA members or girls that get sad when things get shot!

By the way.... this skunk's brother came by "in mourning for the loss of his fellow skunk" and sprayed the crap out of our place! Pamela...I see you driving by with your nose out the window!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Spring Hillbillies

Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Chris

Not a day of huntin' he would ever miss

Then one day his house got sprayed by a skunk

Chris swore to his family, "I'll get that punk!"

So, he got himself a trap and set it in the 'yard

went to bed early since he was really tared

Woke up next morning excited as can be

went to the trap but, a skunk he did not see.....

A Possum that is, pink nose, beady eyes.

The Spring Hillbillies!

And no we didn't cook him, we set the little guy free

Though the girls begged for him to be a part of the family

The moral of the story, if you don't wanna be "red"

Don't try to catch varmints, just call someone instead

Friday, January 23, 2009

Shark Girl

This is amazing to me!!!! My daughter, aka Shark Girl, has four front bottom teeth
(I have no idea what the name of these are).

The thing is, the baby teeth are not even loose! We are eatting an apple right now to work on that so that she will not have to go through life as the girl with four bottom teeth.
Oh, and here is Cami.....she felt left out, so here she is too!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hayley's Surprise

One of my dearest friends is having a baby.....VERY soon!
We wanted to have a shower for Hayley at school, but we never knew if she would make it. But, praise the Lord she has made it to 34 weeks and the doctor said that she can have baby boy the next time she starts contracting.
You see she started this contracting stuff a LONG time ago(in her 20th week I think) and she has been a prayer request for me ever since. So, a planned shower was never in the cards for us. She has been on bed rest since Christmas break, so today on MLK day, we tried to surprise her with a baby shower.

No, that is not her baby, that is another miracle God has given my teammate!
This is her son and the soon to be big brother Tyler. What a doll!

We celebrated with cake, cookies and fruit tea, and of course PRESENTS!

But, one of the best party gifts was our baby Brooke. Here she is with Debbie.

But not only did the grown ups get to love on her, but Tyler also got a little practice loving on a little one!

Hayley and I have taught together for over two years. Many times in our friendship, she has been my sanity. She helps me laugh when I want to scream and she reminds me of God's words strength when I need it most. I love you Hayley and am so blessed to be a part of this amazing time in your family's life.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I am so excited to be tagged!

I was tagged by my friend Joanna.

Okay, so I am to go to my pictures in the computer...go to the 4th folder and post the 4th picture....drum roll please....

This is our neighbor Timmy and his 2nd big buck of the year. cute picture of my children, but of a man and a dead deer! You see, to help the computer, I recently took off ALL my pictures and put them on over 20 discs!!!!

Hope you enjoy. Now, I am tagging ROZA, BETTY, TONYA and JENNIFER H. (If they haven't already been tagged!)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Let's Hear It for the Boy!

Okay, I want to share a rough mix with you.....but I can't figure out how to do it! I am blessed to be a part of an amazing project directed by God himself.

Our close friends J.D. and Roza Smith came into our lives only less than a year ago. Both are fantastic musicians. They were headed for country fame, when "they got struck by the God train." (J.d.'s words)

J.D. felt called to take all the songs he had been writing and create a CD to give away as a testimony. He desires no fame or money, he just wants to bless others and witness to anyone without Christ.

Well, he asked me to back him up on a song or two with his wife Roza. What an honor!

I am going to send it out as an e-mail to some friends, so if you wanna hear, just let me know...OR if you know how I can download a song on my blog.....can ya help a sista out!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Donate a Tree Foundation

The members of the Washed by the Water Church are proud to announce the establishment of our new civic foundation. Just tonight we created the Donate a Tree Foundation or DATF to spread love to our fellow Christian brothers through the gift of an evergreen tree.

Here is a picture of one of our members next to the tree that was donated, actually placed in a hole dug by other members with a post hole digger, in our friends front yard.

But, the love does not stop there.... as a part of DATF's warm contribution, the tree will be papered with cottonelle ultra blend. Only the finest for our friends!

You can see the love and excitement in this DATF member's face as they leave this rootless evergreen for the Smiths to cherish for at least another couple of days!

We love you guys!