Thursday, April 23, 2009

Show Some Love

Last Sunday night (my Daddy's birthday) was a benefit concert for our friends Steve and Elmira's baby girl. See, they are adopting a baby girl from Africa. This precious little girl may not even have been born yet, but Steve and Elmira have prayed, prepared and are anxiously awaiting this little angel to be a part of their family.

But, no one tells you how much money you have to put down for a little one! Really! These babies are literally being thrown away in trash cans, and a wonderful couple in the U.S. has to pay $30,000-$40,000 to get to love and take care of it. These things baffle me, but anyways.
Here are steve and Elmire saying thanks to all their friends.

The concert was a blast. It had a lot of singing, but our favorite was by far J.D. Smith...

I even got to jump in a sing a little BGV! Don't I look hilarious!
But it wasn't about me. It was about...... sisters


.......and lovers

showing some love.

I cannot wait to hold this angel in my arms. Her name is Kaiyin (meaning long, awaited for child). Please keep her and our friends in your prayers!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My tribute To Rita

To many, this is a silly picture. For Kyla Erwin, this is HUGE.
#1 I hate mustard! #2 I used to hate pickles. And #3, I used to hate deviled eggs. Then, I met Rita Carpenter. Many know her as my husband's mother or my mother in law, but to some she could be seen as a miracle maker!
See, when Chris and I were dating I had to be polite. I went over for dinner and she had made coleslaw....I did not like coleslaw. But, I tried it to be nice and THIS woman made coleslaw like I had never tasted! I loved it! I soon learned the secret to the coleslaw was/were the PICKLES! I hated pickles, but THIS woman jars them herself! They are so sweet and yummy! So, a couple of years ago, I went ahead and tried her deviled eggs.......LOVED THEM!
And today, Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009....I, Kyla Erwin Carpenter made deviled eggs!!!! (And no, they do not have mold on them, they are eggs we had dyed on Friday.)
So, thank you Rita Joy Carpenter for working your taste bud magic on me! Now, if you can only get Deanna to eat veggies! Just playin' Deanna! Love ya, Kyla

Happy Easter!

....or in our house "Jesus is Risen Day!"

I thought the girls looked so cute that before lunch we took some pictures. It is sad because the best ones are when they aren't facing the camera! Hope you enjoy! (There are a lot, so if you get bored you have my permission to skim through. I just thought family would like all of them :) )

Finally Chloe needed to "strike some poses!"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Glow Galaxy

Monday night my friend Karen asked if we wanted to join her and her Bella for Glow Galaxy! Since Chris was working, Chloe, Cami, Flat Chloe and I were off to Cool Springs. On the way, I called Roza and her crew to see if they were up for a little glowing too!

Though Glow Galazy has not paid me anything for this advertisement, I have to say it was a blast! We spent 2 and a half hours.
Flat Chloe made it there for some sliding...
some putt putt, too!

Cami loved throwing the glow in the dark balls
Chance was a pro at golfing.

It was a blast! But, the best part was when I BEAT ROZA 10 to 9 at air hockey!!!!!!!