Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not so Healthy Happy Birthday

Today is November 22, 2008. Chris Anthony Carpenter turned 36 today....or as my sister in law would say...he turned 29 G.

For his birthday, I had planned for some buddies to come over tonight, make a bon fire and just "hang out." Then tomorrow we were celebrating with his family and two things he loves.....Titans and Thanksgiving dinner. We were actually going to cook a turkey!

But, Thursday night he said he was getting sick. By Friday he sounded as if he had been stung by bees and his tongue was swelling. We went to the walk in clinic to get medicine because the M.D. (Mother doctor) that I am knew that he had strep throat. But in the waiting room I learned two things: 1st he has a swollen uvula and two he was to come home "to let the virus take its course." Does anyone else out there HATE the word virus? When a doctor says that, I hear, "You foolish woman. You have wasted your money on this copay. You have wasted your time trying to settle your crazy children down so they won't embarass you in the waiting room. And most of all, I am giving you nothing to feel any relief, so good luck getting better. Ha ha ha ha (that is an evil laugh)."

But, the girls and I would not let the day slip away without homemade birthday cards and birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Chris...I guess we will celebrate later!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Family.....

Well, we have now named ourselves....we are "Washed by the Water Church". Every Sunday night you will find us eatting, laughing, praising, praying, maybe crying, and loving being a part of such an amazing group of believers. You gotta check us out!

He's Home!!!!!!!

It has been a long week without him...a long time to wait for my true love......but tonight my knight will come. While I lay asleep, smothered between two precious little girls, my prince will come to me in the night. He will awake me with kisses smelling of the rustic outdoors. His prickly non shaven face will lovingly rub my face raw like sandpaper....but I am patient. Patiently, I will........okay, that is all I can do with that. I tried to be all romantic and silly and all, but I just miss him and I cannot wait to see him. Neither can the girls!!!! We even did this before he got here..........

Hope it stays up until he gets here!!!!

Writing Santa

Well, this was a first.... the real first Dear Santa letter.
Thank you Wal-mart for sending your "Wish List" catalog to insprire such creative litature!!!!
Now, will Santa have the cash to come through????

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I guess people really do read this because I had two people ask me about having cancer in May 2007. This is when I get to share about my miracle.

I got a call saying that the mole I had removed the week before was malignant. Knowing nothing, I asked "is that cancer?"


me: Would it just be on the outside or could in be inside?

nurse: We will know when we do surgery next week. Until then, we will send off the biopsy to California like we do every biopsy for another opinion. We will call next week to schedule your surgery.

My head was spinning. I was not expecting this at all. I remember sitting on the side of the tub telling Chris as if it was a bad joke. He didn't react to the situation at all. I learned through this that my husband reacts to tough stuff by ignoring it. I told my friends and family and was amazed by their worries and shock.

I remembering crying in the shower at the thought of chemo, leaving my children motherless and my husband without a partner, but then I was at peace.

I realized that no matter what I was about to go through He would be with me. I felt a calming peace at the thought of His big hand carrying me through it all.

I got so many phone calls and friends telling me they were praying for me. I was like a celebrity! People were praying for ME in groups in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Virginia, and Tennessee!

I got a call on my cell phone from the doctor and was anxious to hear when I was going to start this journey. The nurse said, we got your results from our lab in California. Your mole was a "spitz nerva" which mimics cancer cells.

I said so I don't have cancer?

She said, no we are so sorry.

Not me! At first, my flesh was angry for what their mistake caused me the last week, but then His small voice spoke up,
"Don't dismiss this. I saved you. I gave you this miracle."

It was easy to say that it was just human error when I got to tell everyone I didn't have cancer, it was hard to explain it was a miracle. People would think I was crazy...but for Him that's okay.

He still does miracles everyday...we just miss them or excuse them.

My challenge for you is to look for the miracles He has performed in your life.....this! But, most importantly give Him the glory!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year we have two rockers! One for the present...Taylor Tess from Camp Rock, and one from the past!

Chloe was right in character when she had her microphone.

Cami also knew just how to swing those hips as soon as she put on her skirt.

We first hit the church for games and candy.

I love how Chloe helped Cami up to see the goodies.

Both girls wanted to get their faces painted by my friend Hope. They even got tattoos!

We ran into some friends we never get to see. It was so much fun watching Cami and Grahm Maddox play together. Chloe and Gabriel played all the time at this age!

Then after about an hour and a half of games, we headed for our neighborhood to hit a few homes for trick or treat. It had been a long day for Mommy. (In kindergarten, we had over an hour of outdoor games and fun.) The night ended for me with a hot bath and a back rub from my sweetheart. So, for me, Halloween was a great day! And, I know the girls had a blast as well.

Pumpkin Fun

It has become a tradition for us! The Carpenters will carve a pumpkin each year for Halloween. This year we carved for Chloe and one for Cami.

Chloe of course was the designer....

But, she was NOT into touching the insides. Cami gave an attempt,

but was not able or willing to pull out anything so slimy.

Daddy was quick to lend a well as a hand on Chloe!

Here are the pumpkins of 2008!