Saturday, September 20, 2008

Accessorize with Undies

My sweet Cami saw Chris' underwear folded neatly on the bed awaiting their place in his drawers and this thought came to her mind:


"This would look fabulous as a scarf/hat"

"Here is The Hanes new Muslim line......"

"I must run and show all my friends!"

As I laughed and laughed at this little clown, I remembered another accessorizer in our home, just 3 years ago.....but this one got in MY underwear drawer!
"This could be the first fashion mosquito net!"
"Seriously, your neck would never get cold with 16 pairs of panties around it!"
"Mom, do these really say "hottie" on them????"

Things are never boring at the Carpenter house!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

CheetahFest ROCKS!

For those of you who are not Chapman's Retreat Cheetahs, tonight is Cheetah Fest. Daddy made the shirts for the school and the back says, "Cheetah fest Rocks!". Here is the Carpenter's take:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Crazy Day

How many five year olds can say, "my mom and I got to dress up crazy for school /work today!" Mommy was so happy to be in comfortable clothes and Chloe actually got to dress herself today!!!! tomorrow is picture day, so I have a feeling it will not be as easy as this morning was!

Monday, September 8, 2008

First day of Preschool

Well, it is official...both of my girls are in school...preschool at KOTK for Cami. I told Chris that it was his job to make sure to take the first day picture with the backpack on....he did a great job.

He even got a picture of taking Cami's boyfriend Nicco!

(Who was not too sure about all of this)

Cami had a great day and we are so excited to know her teacher Ms. Faris!!!! the funny part was when I read a note sent to all parents saying that we cannot have peanut products due to a peanut allergy! PTL we are not alone!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well, for those of you who know us well, you know that the Carpenters are a part of a Moffia organization called "The Family"....okay it really isn't crime related at all. The Family is made of 4 families who get together to pray for each other, support each other, and well, be together.

This group began five years ago when the 4 guys decided to be an accountability group. They met on and off, but then a few years ago they got tight. Once they went camping and then on a fishing trip in Florida.

When the families would get together, the ladies decided we needed to start this accountability as well. SO, this weekend we had a day and night of nothing but us!

We started off at Opryland Hotel! Ticka had gotten us this AMAZING room for the night! (She is a server at the new club called The Fuse....but we get to that later.) Then off to NashVegas.

The girls decieded to hit Sat co. Poor Betty, no margaritas here! Oh and ticka hates getting her picture every chance Betty and I could snap one we would! Such great friends.

Then we pretended we had money and treid on clothes at Posh. No, these are not models! It is just Betty and me, silly!

After a hard day of walking the streets of Nashville, we got our feet done!

Then we ate at La Paz in Green Hills. We were stuffed, so we headed to the hotel to see The Fuse (Ticka's club) and get in our p.j.s to VEG OUT!

Now, Kyla did not have her camera with her as we went to see the club because she was so busy trying to find a Webkinz in the Opryland hotel! But if you go to Betty's site you will see some great pics of us in the club before the people got there. The Fuse is awesome...very S and the C, if you know what I mean!

Then, my favorite part of the day...pajama time! We snacked, talked and talked and talked and talked. It was wonderful....and yes, Teresa I fell asleep first! Someone pay that girl $20!

My rest was only 3 and some minutes long, until I got up early and made it to church by 8:00!!!!But, I had a wonderful tIme with my sisters! I love you all girls!

Mary and Martha Moral

Well, I was just having the most wonderful conversation with Chloe about Mary and Martha. Ms. Heather told her the story in Sunday School and Chloe was quick to tell me who made the right choice.....

After just cleaning up the kitchen, folding laundry, running a new load and picking up things from every room in the house, I tried to make sure she knew that Martha did not make the wrong choice for cooking and preparing for Jesus, she just needed to stop and show that being with Jesus was more important than the preparing part. I think every woman I know has a hard time with this story. Seriously, I would love to just sit and visit with those around me, but who is gonna do laundry? sweep the crumbs of the kitchen floor? pick the clothes up from the floor and put them in the basket?......

ANYWAYS, I stopped and thought, "Cami is sure quiet. I am sure she is in her room taking out every blanket and burp cloth from her drawers and putting them on her bed like she does every day." So, I wasn't as quick on myt feet as I should have been. here is what I found:

Make up Maddness

Yes, this little Diva had gone through my make up bag IN my purse, pouring out all the powder like salt over all its contents and then creatively painting her lips (she did do a great job putting the lip gloss stick back in the lip gloss though.) And though I was hoping the powder in every creavace of my purse and wallet could help me finally get a new purse, it washed out fine. Moral of the story......maybe Martha should have been sitting with her two year old and not cleaning up the disaster of a house???? I am still perplexed on this one.

Monday, September 1, 2008

We Got New Dos!

Chloe and Cami got the cutest hair cuts today. Chloe's wedge is perfect for her rockin guitar career.

(By the way...Daddy was DOVE hunting today, so no turkeys were brought home to the angry rocker)

While Cami's new do is just waiting for a bow to hold up one side!

Mommy just got some color and a trim. I was hoping for the 10 inches to come off today, but I still need a couple more months to get the remaining hair long enough to not look G.I. Jane.

Packages from Heaven

I can not wait to be a grandma so I can do what my mom does for me and my family......
Saturady we were thrilled to see a brown box from Oklahoma (the North Pole to us) on the floor. The girls and I dove right into it!
Cami LOVEd her 5 Little Monkey book and puppet
But, Chloe and I got to have a little mother daughter bonding time while decorating Cinderella's gown. (Who would have thought that $2 from Big Lots would have created a wonderful wime of creativity and fun!)

So, thank you mom. Thank you for the p.j.s, outfits, books, plates, mugs, etc. We loved it all. (It is very obvious where I get my love language (gift giving) from!) We love you.