Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thankful on Thanksgiving

This year we took the truck through Arkansas to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. Though it was close quarters, the kiddos still managed to love on each other. The girls were so excited to get to Cabot AND to get to see 1D on T.V.

In Oklahoma, we got to see aunt Kendra. It had been a long time since this summer, so getting to hug her neck was the highlight of my trip!  We were so busy I didn't get many pictures. But, I did get a few shots of Koda and his cousin Wyatt. They had so much fun playing together!

On our way back through Arkansas we were sad to leave our Arkansas Carpenters, but Chloe found out that a reality t.v. show is taped in a cheer gymnasium minutes away from Cabot! She was pumped!

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