Monday, May 9, 2011

A little bit of what makes our life so much fun!

Here is a peek into our crazy life. . .
Rock and Rolling in the bathroom!

Look at that Mowhawk!

Exciting new push toys

Walking into this room, Chloe says, "mom, your grandkids are in big trouble!" I say, "so you hang them up by belts?" "yes. over hot lava!"

Here is a sweet moment at cheerleading. Koda holding onto Darlin as he naps.

Here is the cutest sick patient in the waiting room!

Mother's Day Retreat

For my Mother's Day, I got to have Sarah and Teri come stay with me for the whole weekend. Chris lovingly agreed to take the 3 kiddos to Rita and Leroy's for the Carpenter's Retreat.
(Rita always has adventures planned and the girls were pumped!)

When I saw the three of us, it was crazy how we had the same hair cut and color and similair clothes! We hadn't been together like this for years!

Our first stop was Chuy's. It was PERFECT! We sat on the patio on a beautiful sunny day with fruity drinks. We took NO ONE to the bathroom and were able to eat our meals while they were still warm!

Here is Sarah with her sweet Emerson

Teri and sweet Britton

Next stop the mall!

As we were walking passed the prom dresses to the bathroom we decided we would try a few on when we got back from the restroom. . . needless to say, that never happened.

Chris called and he was on the side of the road with a broken down car. Rita and Leroy had just taken the kids and Leroy was on his way to th E.R. with Koda! Sweetly, he said not to worry and he would let me know how Koda was when he heard, but this Momma wasn't good with that. I spent from 4:00 until 12:00 at St. Thomas hospital with Leroy. After being thrown up on and waiting in a room for a couple of hours, I found that Koda had a VIRUS! I spent the night at the Carpenters and after seeing that Koda was on the mends and Chris' car was being fixed, Teri and Sarah drove to Belleview to pick me up!

So, we picked up the next day with shopping, lunch and came home to watch a rented movie.

Emerson and Britton were not quite up for a photo shoot, but I tried.

and tried

and tried!

Sunday, we went to church and enjoyed one of our blast from the pasts. . Olive Garden!

We decided this must be an every year event . . . .but next time we are all going to be kidless and NOT in our hometown!

That's how we roll!

Not everyday you see Princess Arora driving a dump truck! Or a prince eatting her head off!

Easter Pictures

Each Easter, mommy gets to dress up all her babies and even make them MATCH! This year our family looked beautiful in black and white.

Huntin for Eggs

This year we went to TSC Easter egg hunt! What a crowd.. .
First came Koda's hunt. He was happy just with his one egg.

And he was NOT thrilled about this Easter bunny!

Then came Cami's turn. She and her friends were determined to get a bunch!

Here are Cami, Jack Fly and Avery Kirby showing their loot!
And lastly, Chloe wracked in so many eggs she needed another basket!

Our little Racoon

When Ms. Ashley asked for her 4year old preschool class to dress like an animal, I bet she never thought Cami would dress as a RACCOON!

Walkin for Addie

When I heard that Johnell was putting together a team to walk for the March of Dimes in honor of Addie, I was totally on board!
We love that little girl!!!

Our Family Vacation

When we got our tax return money we decided it was time to take a trip as a family of 5!
So, we packed up the kids and headed to Dollywood! It was the opening day that Saturday, so we thought we would stay at a hotel with an indoor pool and have our first family trip!
First stop...the Dixie Stampede!

We could not believe how much the kids loved the show! Even Koda was glued to the horses!
Speaking of horses. . . . Chloe had been talking about how she wanted to ride a horse. After this one, she got on a real one!
Cami and I got a horse together
Down the trail we went
We stopped at the store where we saw live black bears!
. . . too bad they didn't pose for a picture
Koda loved seeing "his bear kin"
We also got the girls to drive race cars!
Chloe was ready to go . . . .
Koda was the cutest fan in the pit!
Go Cami go!
Another shot with Daddy.

Since it started storming, we felt Dollywood was a no-go.
So, we took the girls to an American Girl Doll store where they each got a new doll!

But the best time was at the pool!

We had a terrific time!