Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Paw Paw / Papa's day from Koda!

On Father's day, Chris and I are reminded how blessed we are to have such amazing fathers. Koda thinks so too!

We love you both so much!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who does he look like?

Recently everyone has asked us, "who does Koda look like?" well.......
When Koda was born we knew right off who he looked like...Cami!

With that black hair and squished nose, they were like twins! Look:


CAMIKODACAMIKODACAMIBut tonight when I looked down at him in his p.j.s I saw.......Chloe!
What do you think?


No matter who he looks like, he is adorable to me!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Baby, Baby, Baby , OHHHH.....

......I can't believe you are seven!"
Yes, I did...I let my seven year old have a Justin Beiber birthday party! And, you know what else? I would have LOVED a John Snyder party when I turned eight, but my Mom wasn't as cool as this mom!

So what did my little girl want to do? First paint pottery (do you know how much that cost?...this lead to the fact that she could only invite a few friends....first just three, then 5!...one was in Hawaii)cute Ashton has been Chloe's friend since the womb!here is Macy painting her cat very seriouslySydney painted that shoe in 5 seconds flat!and here are all the girls (sorry no close up of Jade)

And of course, little sis and little brother came along. (By the way, Chloe is so sweet about having Cami with her and her friends. She amazes me sometimes!) Then we headed home for pizza.....presents....
cake...which was the best one this Mom has ever made for her peanut free kiddo

And then it was time to slumber....wait doesn't that mean sleep?Chloe asked if they could stay up all night, knowing that they would surely pass out at midnight, I said sure!...at 3 a.m. Mommy had to lay down the law and told them to shut their eyes and


Aren't they precious? What great memories. Oh, and Chris made them all J.B. shirts!!!!

I love you Chloe Grace Carpenter. Each day you make me proud to be your Mom. You are so talented, funny, beautiful and kind. I thank Jesus each day that He gave me you. Thank you for seven awesome years. I look forward to about seventy more! Happy Birthday

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Look who's talkin and gigglin...

We have had so much fun the last few weeks with hearing Koda man talk to us and giggle when we tickle him. Of course, he stops when the camera is on him, but here are a few shots that we did get.