Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pride in my Kiddos

As a mom, there are many moments we feel pride in our children.  Things like when Chloe gets straight A's, Cami gets 100 on a spelling test or Koda "goes poo poo in the potty like Daniel Tiger", there a feeling of pride I feel for my kiddos.  But, this week may have topped it all. 

Even with all the excitement of these last events, we have had some upsetting situations.  Chloe not making the talent show was a complete shock to all of us.  She is a fantastic dancer, and she had worked so hard to create her dance and the bravery to try out.  So, need less to say,  it was tough to celebrate Cameron's winning while being sensitive to Chloe's loss.

Cameron has also had a tough time with a girl in her class.  Cami has come home for the last month hurt that a friend in class won't be her friend if she sits by someone else or says hurtful things to her.  We have talked about how to respond with kind words, and encourage Cami to be nice even when others aren't. (Lessons she will need way past grade school!)

So, the other day I heard some teachers talking about a mother who picked up her child early from school, so that she would not have to watch the talent show (she didn't make it). Then I heard, "And there was Chloe Carpenter. She didn't make it and she sat on the front row smiling and cheering on her sister!"  sniff sniff

Cami did get out there in front of the whole student body and do her thing ("even though I was shivering"), but the music got away from her.  She and Dean started singing at the wrong part and they were off the whole chorus.  But, instead of walking off crying ...she looked at me, got her words and rocked the rest of the performance!!! I was so proud of that little Diva!

Then, Friday at school, Cami was acknowledged in front of the whole school for having her artwork at the Frist. Her teacher told me that after she sat down she saw the little girl whisper something to Cami and Cami's face melted.  The teacher asked Cami what the girl said and Cami told her, "She said she didn't clap for me because she wasn't my friend." As I was telling Chris about it at home, Cami said, "but after she said that, I told her that I still liked her!" sniff sniff

Now that's good stuff!

Another Famous Artist!!!!!

You may not have remembered, but last year we were excited to go to the Frist Center in Nashville to see Chloe's artwork on display.  This year it was Cami's turn!  Cameron's and one other kindergartner's artwork was chosen from all the kindergartners at ADES (and there is a lot!). 
Once again, I was blessed to see my amazing in laws there to support and encourage Cameron. 
We also had a LOT of fun in the children's art center!

And the "week of Cameron" finally came to a close!

They were Fabulous!

Cami and Dean did such a great job performing for the school and the nightly performance. 
 One of the coolest things was that not only did Grammie come all the way from Oklahoma, but Darlin and Papa came with Mindy and Harry...and then Uncle Scott and Aunt Kristen came with Virginia.....then Madison Moody came (with flowers).  Cami was a STAR!

Welcome Grammie

When Cami heard that she was going to perform in the talent show, the first thing she asked was if Grammie could come and "sleep over."  But, Grammie had an ensemble to lead the day following the performance and couldn't make it.There were tears...Cami's and Grammie's! 
But, somehow that ensemble got cancelled and guess who flew into Nashville. . . . .

 It was a crazy three days, but Grammie got to snuggle with Koda, take the girls shopping, take us out to eat, come have lunch with the girls at school, see my class, oh, and watch Cameron in the talent show.  Its always fun to have her here!!!!!!!