Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dancing Diva

 This year, Chloe joined All That Dance Pro Team.  She is so excited to be in competitions, wear make up and DANCE! Chris and I are so happy to help her tap into her talent.  We have known she is very talented and werent sure how to help her.  So, with the help of Grammie and Paw Paw and Darlin and PaPa,  Chloe asked for them to give her bday and Christmas gifts as contributions to her competition fund.  Her first perfoemance was in Spring Hill at the Ham Festival.

And thanks Darlin and Papa (and Harry) for coming all the way to Alabama in the cold to watch our dancing diva!

Date Night

I have been so busy lately with all that life has for our family of 5.  Running around getting things ready for 3 kids to school (papers to sign, lunches and snacks to pack), setting up a birthday party for Cami and dance stuff for Chloe that I realized I had not speny any time on my sweetheart.  If you know me, I am a gift giver and love to do little special things for those I love. So, Friday I surprised Chris with a date! Thanks to my sweet friend Audry for watching the kiddos for us, I was able to take Chris to Arrington Vineyards. I picked up sushi amd cookie dough before he got in the car.  We had such a nice quiet meal and got to stop and just be with each other!

Field Trip To Lucky Ladd Farm

Each year I get 2 personal days.  This year I promised to use one for each girls' field trips! I LOVE getting to be a Mommy for a day!   It was so fun to watch Cami with her friends Kaydence and Wyatt.  But, the BEST was watching my daughter who is afraid of dogs pet and feed goats!!!!

National Walk to School Day

Yep, we did it! The Apple kids joined us as we walked all the way to Allendale for the National Day Walk to School Day!  The day was so foggy, but it was amazing to see all the families walk to school!

After the walk HOME that afternoon, I don't think I will be doing that again!

Happy Fall!

One Saturday, Darling and Papa picked up our three for their annual pumpkin getting day.  The leaves were so pretty on the Natchez Trace that I had to snap a picture.  Too bad Koda was asleep in the car!

Chloe's Dance Class

On Sunday mornings, we get to sleep in (we go to 5:00 service)
But, not this Sunday.  At 7:30 I woke up to Chloe's school of dance!
I loved the fact that Koda thought he knew exactly what to do when Chloe said to touch your knee to your nose. . . .

You never know what you'll do. . . .

 As a teacher, we wipe noses, clean up vomit, tie shoes, braid hair, etc. But, this day Audry got the job of being the poop police!
The sight was too funny NOT to take a picture!

He keeps us laughing

Well, everyone who knows Chris Carpenter knows he is hilarious. . .looks like someone wants to follow in his footsteps :) Whether it is dressing himself with his pants on the wrong end. . .

Or telling his knock knock jokes . . .
we think he is pretty funny!