Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Pretty Dancer

Chloe performed in All That Dance's recital with her friends Abi, Asthon, Sarah Kate and Mia. She had been out of the class for 2 years, but no one could tell!
We were so proud of how graceful she was during ballet, how she knew every step in her tap and jazz dances, and how she could MOVE! We had so many strangers tell her what a great dancer she was!
Papa and Darlin were watching Harry and had Emma and Izzy from Arkansas, but they made it to Columbia to see Chloe!

 Here are a handful of pictures from the rehearsal, but I plan to post many more beautiful shots from Tonya and Angi's professional cameras!

Teachers, Friends, Moms

Two years ago, Kim Pantall organized a teacher play date!
Look how we've grown!

Feliz Cumpleanos!

One birthday wish Chloe had was to get sung to at Tito's by our friend Jesus or "Chewy". She looked super cute in the sombrero and even gave Cami a turn.

 Koda wasn't up for the hat...or the restaurant!
 But, sweet Chloe got her wish for the hat, singing, free dessert and cream in the face!

Pool Time

The minute we got back in town, the girls were begging to go to the pool.  It was only 80 degrees, and the water was freezing, but we did it!  Koda loved the water and even gave us the cutest view!

Happy 12 Years

After Chloe's birthday lunch, Darlin and Papa took the kiddos for 2 nights so Chris and I could go away to celebrate our anniversary a little early.  This year it was my turn to plan our getaway.  So, I got this beautiful cabin in Pigeon Forge.

 But, my baby thought it would be funny to put this picture on facebook as the cabin we got! We had so many friends ask us if it was the real cabin! But, the craziest part was how freaked out I was when a man started coming out of the bushes!!!!

What a wonderful, relaxing 3 days with my sweetheart!!!! I love you baby and would do it all over again and again!

Happy Birthday Chloe

On June 3rd, we met Darlin, Papa, Scott, Kristen and Virginia at Chloe's favorite restaurant Macaroni Grill to celebrate! 

Chris thought it was too funny that the hostess put the sling in the corner and face booked "nobody puts the baby in the corner."

American Idol Party #9

For Chloe's 9th birthday, she wanted an American Idol Slumber Party.   So, we got out the karaoke machine, Christmas lights and confetti and decorated the living room for the American Idol Theater!  Eight of her sweet friends were there (Ashton Dodd, Mia Hanks, Abi Johnson, Sydney Kirby, Sydney Hollis, Sarah Kate Todd, Chloe Wade and Livia Thomas), and they sang all night....and all morning!  We had a guitar pinata and a double doozie chocolate chip cookie cake (made by Mrs. Johnell Jackson).  I HATE that I did not take enough pictures. But, here is Ryan Seacrest and one of the winners, Chloe Wade!

Target Models

Going to church, we were so excited to wear our new Taget dresses Grammie had gotten the girls.  When we drove up we saw Gracie and Kaitlyn Reynolds in their cute Target sundresses! I think Target should pay US for how cute they look!

Little Mama

There are days when Chris and I wonder what in the world we were thinking having 3 kiddos, and then there are nights like this one. 
Chloe once again warms my heart as she entertains and loves on her little brother at Tito's...without us asking her to!

Offically Brown

 Chloe started brownies last year with a troop that had already been brownies for a full year. She then joined Mrs. Val Black's troop.  Chloe LOVED brownies with this troop so much that instead of going to Girl Scout next year in a new troop, she decided she would be a brownie again next year if it meant staying in Mrs. Black's troop!

 Koda was more impressed with the candy than all the badges Chloe earned!

Sweet Elizabeth

Twin Day

On the last week of school, Chloe's class had some fun dress up days. Twin day was Chloe's favorite!  She and Sterling wore matching Target dresses, sweaters, tights and shoes!