Friday, February 24, 2012

Big Boy hair cut

And while Chris and the girls were dancing away. . . . . .
Koda got a big boy hair cut! Thanks to my cell phone's access to Caillou on you tube, Koda was able to get a WHOLE hair cut. She even used trimmers!
Even though Daddy said he looked like a German Nazi, I think he looks soooo handsome!

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Date with Daddy

Tonight the Thompson Station Church had a Father Daughter Dance. Chris got to take TWO beautiful girls to a dance this year.
After work, I ran home to do nails and curls. Chris had plans to take the girls to dinner with John Dodd and Ashton, so I needed to hurry. I didn't hurry enough, because Daddy rushed my beautiful princesses out the door with out a proper photo shoot!Aren't they beautiful! While they were out dancing, Koda and I went to get his hair cut and then shopping at Parent Teacher STore. Thanks to downloads of Caillou on Youtube, he was awesomet

Baby Harry

On February 15th I was driving to school, when I saw I had a few text AT THE STOP SIGN I read that Mindy was in labor! I was so excited. I called Chris and we both wanted to be there at the hospital. I thought if I could get a sub then it would be possible! I did!
Chris and I were able to get to the hospital to see Mindy right before she started pushing!
I snapped a picture of them and then off to the waiting room to...WAIT!
I got a few snap shots of the rest of the group awaiting Harry's entrance into the world.
Here is Uncle Greg and Great Aunt Patty (I still am the greatest aunt!)
The excited grandparents, Leroy and Rita
Aunt Kristen and Uncle Scott Since they are also expecting a baby girl in May, it was even more exciting! Then I needed my nephew to know that I (his favorite aunt) was there as well! Two hours later we saw Phil walk by us. He was coming to let us know that my nephew was a perfect little guy and Mindy was doing great! Since I was still wearing the green band from saying hello, I grabbed my balloons and ran to see Mindy, Phil and the cutest little guy you ever saw (except for my babies of course!)
Look at the hair! I only had about 3 minutes in the room, so I snapped as many shots as I could. The power of that green band! Seriously! Only 4 were allowed in and since I am the IN LAW and not expecting a baby, I really needed to give up that thing...that beautiful thing.
But, the next day we brought the girls and Koda back to Nashville to see their new cousein. They were great about not touching him even though I know it KILLED Chloe not to hold him.
But, I did get to hold him and change him and burp him!!!!! It was wonderful. Not wonderful enough to have another of our own, but wonderful to have such love for a baby and still get a full night's rest!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Who's Got Spirit?

One of the coolest things about working at Allendale is that I get to see my girls and my hubby. It may be just a quick hug or a wave, but it makes my day to see them in the hallway or at morning meeting. (I also try to make sure to go to the bus line everyday to flirt with the cutest bus driver!)