Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Kristen

Tonight the Carpenter family (minus Chris since he was sick) celebrated Kristen's birthday at Carrabba's. The food was yummy and the stories were great!

We feel so blessed to have Kristen, Harrison and Clark in our family. (Oh, and you too Scott!)

Looking forward to many more birthday celebrations!

Fun at the Playground

Even though it is still January, the weather felt like March. So, today, the kiddos and I hit ADES playground for a little kite flying and playground sliding! The only problem was that it wasn't March. After an hour the wind wasn't that great and it got COLD so, we left.

Spa for Cami

When Cami saw that Deanna had gotten me a chocolate maque for Christmas, she went crazy. She saw the chocolate and begged me to do it on her not myself. I think she may have thought that you eat it, but I am not much for facials, so I told her that I would. Today while Chloe was at cheerleading camp, Cami got the spa treatment! How cute is she?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Card Sharks

What do you do when you have two kiddos sick at home????
And as soon as she is legal, I am taking Cami to Vegas!
We played three games and she won every time! (and then beat us at memory!)

Fun with funnel cakes. . .

In October, the Carpenter family loved being at Disney. We loved the rides, the characters, and especially loved the funnel cakes.
So, for Christmas, Darlin and Papa got everyone FUNNEL CAKE MAKERS!
Seeing that Chris actually made funnel cakes at the state fair for $$ in high school, he was up for the task of making them.
The kids were definately up for the eatting!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mindy's baby shower for Harry

Starting in October, we have been anxiously preparing for Mindy's baby shower. The Carpenter sisters along with Mindy's friends Gabby and melanie, put on the cutest space themed shower for baby Harry.
Seeing that there were many professional photographers at the shower, I plan to add more pictures to this post! But, I wanted to make sure that this happy time was in the book!

Happy Birthday Teresa and Johnell

When it was Teresa and Johnell's birthday month, so it only seemed right that the girls meet at Tito's to celebrate!
Here are Audry and Julie with one of the birthday girls. . . .
Amanda and the other birthday girl. . . .
. . . and me in the middle.
Juan came by numerous times to make sure the fiesta was fantastico!
To celebrate, Juan gave us all a little drink instead of cake.

Little did she know, Johnell reached up for a high five and got whipped cream in the face.

But Teresa was too quick and managed to only get it in her hand!
We ran into some other ADES friends at Tito's that night.
Here are Ashley and Shaunda enjoying their Tito's experience as well!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

An Amazing Night.....Amazing In Laws!

This Christmas, Chris and I got an envelope from Rita and Leroy....inside was a LARGE gift certificate to Fleming's steak house and a hotel stay in at Home wood suites in Brentwood. Needless to say we were very excited!
We planned it as soon as we could! So, Friday, January 6th, Rita and Leroy met us at our house in Spring Hill at 5:00. Chris and I kissed our babies goodbye and headed for Nashville.
At Fleming's, we enjoyed the most amazing steaks. Mine was a fillet Oscar and Chris had a bone-in ribeye. We found our new favorite red wine and enjoyed hot chocolate lava cake!
But, the date wasn't over! We drove to Brentwood to stay at the Homewood suites. Not only was it just the two of us for the whole night, but we were also able to watch whatever we wanted on T.V. We finally rolled out of bed at 9:45 to catch the continental breakfast before 10:00. Then, back to bed until check out time! We never get this treat with three sweet kiddos, so we loved every minute of it!
We headed south knowing this amazing date must end, so we asked Rita and Leroy if we could meet up with them at Target in Franklin(so that I could do a little kid free shopping for Harry's baby shower). After hugs and kisses, we learned that when they stayed at our house they had a "cleanup" day. I was so embarrassed. Working full time and being a Mommy of 3, cleaning is the first to go! But, when we got home, I kissed that emotion behind and LOVED the neatness!!!!!
Then I opened the refrigerator to find fruits, veggies, milk, and more! The pantry was full too! Can you believe these people? But, wait there is more!!!!
While Leroy was vacuuming he found that our vacuum really sucked...not dirt (hee hee)...but has been about to leave us soon. So, we came home to a NEW VACUUM!
Seriously, how do you properly thank your Mother and Father in-law for all this. . . maybe put it in a blog for the world wide web to see?
Thank you Rita and Leroy!!!! You gave as an AMAZING gift!
(How's next weekend look for you? hee hee)