Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My three little girls

Poor thing, he has no hop with two glamour sisters!

Sister love

Cami loves her brother so much, that she wrote a story for him!
He looks very interested!

No cavities!

Mommy was so happy to hear that Cami and Chloe had NO CAVATIES!

Fun at CeCe's

While Chloe was at cheerleading, Mommy and Cami started a little tradition. . of Sweet CeCe's!
We were even nice enough to invite Koda :)

Justin Beiber Fans

Here comes the fun!

New Year's Day

New Year's Eve is always a crazy time to try to get together, so the Carpenter bunch decided to get together on new Year's Day!
Here are Leroy and Rita sitting across from us at dinner.
Then we thought we would hit the town and listen to some music.
Chris and Alan were thrilled. . .Obviously not as excited as Kristen and Scott!
Alan and DeannaPhil and Mindy
And one more shot of me and my boyfriend!

Happy New Year!

Monday, March 28, 2011

American Doll Pajamas

After the girls got their dolls for Christmas, Grammie sent Valentine pajamas for all four of the girls!Toooo cute!

Happy Birthday Colleen

In February Colleen turned 40! To celebrate, we went to J. Alexander's. Here is Roza, Teresa and the birthday girl. Happy 40th birthday Colleen!
Here is a picture of my sweet Betty and I. . the two of us LOVE pictures!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look who's crawlin'

It only took him 10 1/2 months, but Koda decided to become mobile! Our world will never be the same. :)

Dancin with Daddy

Why is it they always get to go out with Daddy? This year, Chloe's girl scout troop had a dance with Daddy. I know they were the cutest couple there!

Let it Snow!

We had such a beautiful winter! Williamson County actually used 9 of the 10 snow days we had in the school calendar! Here are some fun shots of the kids with neighbors making snow men!

Pucker up, here she comes!Cute Aubry, Chloe and Mary gave some attitude!
Not only were these neighbors our friends, but Mel and Mary were adopted from Africa this fall and Mel is in my class!