Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let it SNOW!!!

We were so blessed to have a snow day last week. I actually got out in it this year with the girls! But, the most fun this year was letting Koda try snow for the first time! He wasn't as thrilled with it like the girls were!

Takin a Bath in the Tub

I am a little embarrassed to say, Koda took his first bath in the tub! Yes, I know he is now 9 months and should have been in the tub sooner, but I the sink in the kitchen was so easy after messy carrot and peas.Well, he loved it!(And I was so glad he would "cover himself" each time I took a picture!)

Singing angels

This year Cami got to sing with the TSC Preschool choir. In these things you never know what is going to be the most fun to watch.... the little ones falling asleep, the silly ones showing their backside, or
your beautiful little girl!
What a doll!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Betty

For her 37th birthday, my sassy friend Betty Apple wanted a night out on the town! We all got dressed up and headed to Nash Vegas for dinner at the Standard and then wine and Ivey Cake at....hmmm what was that place called?
Here we are walking the streets downtown (sorry mom, the dress was too pretty for a coat!) Me and my date
Ivey and her date (Mark was on the road)

J.D. amd Roza

Matt and Teresa

Colleen and Scott

Betty and Keith

The Family all dressed up (minus the Burkes in California)

Betty and her girls!

The birthday girl and her Prince Charming

For her birthday, I got Betty a bag that was not only for her, but for funds for children in Africa and the Jones family who need support adopting their two sons. This picture was just too funny not to show!
Looks like Ivey gave the Birthday Girl a Birthday "pinch"!

Happy Birthday Betty! May all your wishes come true!