Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Carpenter house!

This year we went to the Dodds' to trick or treat with a Roman, Roman princess, spiderman and Thomas the train....Oh, and TONYA!But, by the end of trick or treating, the sweet Mother costume took a turn to the half spider half train woman! Children beware!Back at home, Koda decided he wanted to be a rock and roller too!Thanks Dodds for the BEST Halloween ever!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun with Mickey

Here is a quick peek at out amazing trip to Disney World. Thanks to Darlin and Papa, the WHOLE Carpenter family went to Disney World for a wonderful, exhausting trip we will never forget!
It all started on Saturday.
Koda did fabulous on his first plane trip.
Cami hadn't flown since she was a baby. But, you would never have known.
She just wanted to make sure Izzy was at her side!

On Sunday, we decided to hit
Disney's smallest park, Hollywood. Here is our first of many rides in the shuttle. Watch out we come!

Koda has no idea what he is in for!

Other than the Tower of Terror (which Cami rode 2 times!) and the Aerosmith Rollar coaster, I really enjoyed the 30 minute show of Beauty and the Beast. It was awesome. Koda loves the theater!

The ONLY line we waited in at Disney was in Hollywood at the Toy Story ride/game....but our 80 minute wait flew by....espeacially for Koda!
Here are our show car girls with Lightning well as...a picture op. with Mator

Chloe and Cami got to pick out their "ears". It is funny to me how different they are! One is a pirate with skulls and the other a princess with lace!

Monday was our day at Epcot! The girls had reservations to have breakfast
with the princesses for Cameron's 4th birthday! How excited were we to eat breakfast in Norway at the Akershus Castle! We were quite multi-cultural with Princess Aurora, Pocahontas, Flutter the fairy, and Mulan!

When we walked into the castle, Belle was there to take pictures with us!

With her hand still on her hip, Birthday Princess got her picture taken with Belle. What an amazing 4th birthday! Cami (and I) will never forget it. At breakfast she said, "Mommy, I know those are the real princesses. They have skin!"
Look! Jasmin was there!

Snow White spoke to us in her beautiful HIGH voice

Ariel was there with legs!

Here are our princess with Cinderella

But, the funniest thing to this Momma, was Cami wanted to know where the PRINCES were! We asked Snow White and she said that Aurora was having breakfast with Prince Phillip for their anniversary....Prince Charming was riding horses and Prince Eric was washing his dog Max....never got where that Aladin was!
How excited were we to see Sleepy Beauty after our breakfast! Though Cami was star stuck by her favorite princess, we ended up getting a hug.

On Tuesday, we headed for Diney World! Sweet Koda will hate this picture one day, but waiting in lines makes one do silly things!

We made sure everyone in the park knew who we were:

Booty and the Beast/ Sleepy

K.K. and Scooter
Crash and Newman

Cracker Jack and Dr. Farhenheit

Darlin and Papa

The cutest two guys in the whole park!

Sweet little Koda was named Brother Bear

We felt right at home in Minnie Mouse's house.
Darlin' and her grandkids sat down for a photo op! Izzy wanted to see just what Minnie had in her fridge!

Cami found the microwave popping!
But, in Toon Town we got to meet all the princesses. Cami had made cards for all of them on her birthday, but we forgot to bring them to the park. Cinderella was so sweet when she opened the "cards" Cami made for her. We got a picture with Cinderella

It never gets old taking pictures with Belle!

The photographer actually asked ME to get a picture with Belle. But when I went to stand by her, he said, "no! the back of your shirt with her!" oops

How precious! Cami was in awe of her favorite princess..."Sleeping Booty"

We hope that Aurora wasn't upset to see her name misspelled!

The girls got to meet Tinkerbell and all her friends!
This was Izzy's, I mean Flutter's, favorite!

On Wednesday, we went to Animal Kingdom. Being 43 inches stinks when rides are insisting on 44! So, Cami got treated to many Mickey ice creams. She seemed to enjoy it on her face more than in her mouth!
Foreshadowing of the Carpenter girls cruzing!

One of my favorite shows at Animal Kingdom was not the Bird Show, but the Cami show. Cami got to wear Kristen's bracelet and stood with her hand on her hip for most of the show!

As half of us jumped on the monorail to meet the group back at magic kingdom for the parade and fireworks, we realized it was taking much longer to get there.....we were actually going the wrong way! Yes, we had taken the wrong monorail, not to Magic Kingdom but to EPCOT!

Luckily, one of us was able to read the sign and we were on our way to the parade/firework show at the Magic Kingdom!

How sweet are they? Side by side on the same ride their Mommy and Daddy rode years and years and years ago!

Sweet Izzy on her horse

Here is Emma, or Spirit, a real horse rider, enjoying an easy gallop

Right before the fireworks, we had time to let Cami drive again. She loved being the one behind the wheel!

Last day at Disney.....Here are all our four little mice

We came to Disney when the park was decorated with pumpkins and Halloween decor. We opted not to go to Mickey's not so scarey Halloween party, but loved seeing all the awesome costumes coming into the park that night.

Not the best photo after Cami fell. . . .

Oh yeah, Koda was here too!

Chris truely felt the magic of Disney!

Chloe wanted to get her hair wrapped by the Pirates of Carrabean ride. This woman knows how to throw some thread!

Look how cool we are!
Luckily for us, It's a Small World was up and running on our last day! Too bad for us we couldn't get that song out of our heads the rest of the day!
Awesome photo by the famous Dumbo ride

I realize to many of my Disney adoring friends only 100 pictures is NOTHING for 4 days at the most Magical place on earth, but I feel that I will keep these memories with me forever! (And we also have two other CDs full of other shots!)

Thanks again Rita and Leroy for an amazing and memorable trip we will never forget.