Saturday, November 14, 2009

Violence in the School System

Just looking at the scrape on her cheek and the missing front tooth, one could only imagine what happens to our little ones when we trust them in the hands of the education system.
Here we have Chloe's jourenal entry of the drama that occured to my sweet little girl in her own words.... "In the hallway Jade hit me with her backpack. And my tooth fell out. I had to go to Nurse Molly."

Here is the illustration of the occurance....look at the fear in the children's faces! I have to say it was pretty scarey to see her all bloody and crying because the tooth that WASN'T loose got hit out by one of her closest friends who was "trying to hit me in the stomach."
Then as her mother, another educator in the same school system, was scrapping off the residue off her door, Chloe decided to help. She then proceeded to scrape her face with the scrapper.
Okay, so the incident of violence wasn't that bad or caused by anything to write the papers about....but poor little Chloe has had a tough week! Now she is on the couch groaning with a 24 hour stomach virus! I am sure she got it from school as well!
Maybe I should home school...or send her to Heather or Tonya's!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Halloween- 2 weeks late

Here are some fun pictures of our Halloween!

Chloe was Mitchie from Camp Rock (third year in a row beinga singer!) and Cami was "a purple princess"
This year our Sunday School class had a block party. We ate, trick or treated, sang and hung around the fire. It was a blast.
Look at this crew!
Dave, Cory, Nicole and Tony
Posing with the Apple Girls

The beautiful Betty and Batman

Sister Roza and the skipping Father J.D.

Allison adding to Chloe's stash

Mother Hubbert and her cat baby

A perfect ending to a perfect night!