Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dinner Guests

When Shae and Katie invited us to dinner, they didn't realize they needed to specify the dress attire! I was planning on shocking them at the door and then changing, but Chris said he was staying like he was. . . . so this couple got lots of looks at Bone fish Grill in Cool Springs!  Sorry Shae, Katie, Kelley and Brad if we embarrassed you too much.  We still had a blast!!!!

By the way, Katie and Chris do not have glass eyes, the red eye reducer would not let them look any other way!

First Day of KOTK

Here he comes KOTK!  Chloe, Cami and now Koda bear have been able to go to Thompson Station Church's mother's day out called Kids on the Korner.  Even though his backpack was bigger than he was, Koda was ready to get to school!

The best part of this is that Koda's teacher is none other than Crystal Fly!!!!  Mrs. Crystal watched Koda twice a week when he was just a baby. (Koda didn't want to take a picture at school though.  I am sure there will be more!)

Photos by Betty

This year Koda was able to go to KOTK witon Mondays and Wednesdays, and we were so happy that Mrs. Betty was able to keep him the other days!!!!! Cami had also been at Mrs. Betty's when she was 2 and 3, so we know that she is the BEST! (Not to mention we love her and her family as if we were blood related!). But, the one thing I didn't know about Koda going to Mrs. Betty's was all of the GREAT pictures we get! Here are some from August and September!


Fun with the Rosses

We were so excited to hear that the Rosses were coming back into town! We had a great time in downtown Franklin eatting and laughing like we hadn't been a part for a day!  We love you guys!!!!

School Days!

This year part of the first grade team decided to dress as our theme.  We have a rock star, cowgirl, camper, Hollywood star and a beach bum.
Here is the whole group of first grade teachers: Julie Holloway, Karessa Kareta, Nicole Smith, Audry Campbell, Johnell Jackson, me and Joanna Salce.

 Cameron also started her first day of KINDERGARTEN!!!!!

We were so excited that our friend Wyatt Yommer and neighbor Jackson Wooten were in our class! Not to mention we have the best kindergarten teacher Mrs. Fourakre!

 At the end of the month ADES had spirit day, and even though Koda was at the school of Mrs. Betty's, he got in on the spirit too!

American Idol Moments

When Chloe had an American Idol birthday party, we had no idea she would actually get tickets to see the American Idol concert! Livi Thomas gave Chloe tickets to take the girls and the mommies to the concert!
First, we headed to Pie in the Sky in Franklin for some yummy Buffalo chicken pizza (Chloe decided she was a vegetarian this summer, so she had a salad!)

Then we headed to Nashville for the concert! The girls had a wonderful time dancing and singing through the whole concert!

Thank you so much Jodi and Livi for an amazing night!!!!!

Cute faces at P.F. Chang's

With a family as big as ours, we now have a birthday celebration every month except for April!  But, when we went to celebrate Phil's birthday at P.f. Chang's I only got two pictures....and none of him!  I got a sweet picture of Koda and of Chris with his niece Virginia!

Happy Birthday Julie!

On July 21st, my sweet friend Julie turned 36!. . . . but it took over a week to get us out to celebrate! So on a stormy Wednesday night, Audry, Johnell, Julie and I hit Arrington Vineyards to celebrate with gifts, food and vino!
I had to do a little work, but I feel I found the BEST birthday card!
After the rain and storm started in, the other two went home.
 . . .but Julie and I kept celebrating at Titos! 

I love you my friend!