Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chloe's Biography Report

It was our...okay, her...first big project. For Chloe's biography report she had to read books, use the web, create a timeline, and make a bag it project (the PowerPoint was optional). Chloe of course wanted to do it all and do it big!
I feared I helped too much, but I just helped her to do what she "saw" for each thing. We both picked out photos, typed and glued stuff together.
I got to sneak in for her presentation and she did great!
My baby made her Momma and the NAACP proud!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to You!

On March 14th, Koda turned two!

I, like many moms, relived the whole night before he was born. I started with throwing Betty a baby shower for Joaquin, going shopping for school supplies with Julie, picking up dinner for Roger's new baby and then coming home to eat Pancho's and take an Ambien before bed! At 11:00p.m. I woke up to labor pains. I loved the excitement of going into labor, running to the e.r., seeing Koda's beautiful head full of hair and holding him close to my chest.

But, now my baby is two. He says few words, but he makes up for vocabulary with his smiles, hugs, kisses and SINGING!

We decided to have a family party for Koda this year. Since our new nephew was only 4 weeks old, we needed to have a party at a house. Sweet Darlin and Papa volunteered to host Koda's big day! Luckily, the Caillou balloons and cake topper arrived in our mailbox that afternoon! Grammie hated not being there for the party, so we made sure the her and PawPaw's gift was!

Then it was time for cake :)

Another highlight of the party was our newest nephew Harry. Aunt Kristen loves him so!

Happy second birthday sweet Koda bear. We love you!

I wanna be an Arttist too!

While Daddy was in the shower and Mommy was cooking dinner, Koda decided to be an artist like Chloe! The funniest part was that he came to get me from the kitchen, and he was so proud of the two wall mural he had made! After I gasped, I took a few pictures, then I told him it was a no no. Chris and I spent that night cleaning our wall with crazy suggestions from the internet......but, hey, I did want to paint that room!

Safe Spot

What do you do when you have a tornado watch for half a day? You color in the bathtub! The storms on March 2ND were expected to be so devastating, that Williamson County called for school closing at noon. Our kids were so happy to be home and begged to play in our safe spot. Thank the Lord, the worst thing we saw was a little hail, thunder and lightning....but the kids now look forward to taking cover :)

Our Little Artist

This year Chloe's artwork was chosen to be displayed in the Williamson County Art Exhibit at the Frist Museum in Nashville. Only a dozen pieces were chosen from Allendale and we were so proud of her! She, being the critic that she is, wasn't thrilled with her piece, but we took lots of pictures anyway!
Darlin and Papa and Scott and Kristen came to share in our excitement as well! After we ohhhhhed and ahhhhhed, we went to the children's center and everyone had a great time being artistic!