Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Buddies

So, if you know us, you know that the Apples are some of our dearest friends. Betty and Keith are like family to us and well, Keith is one of Chris' BFFs. Just look at them. Together they canoe in flood water, put Christmas trees in people's yards, and well, just get into a lot of trouble!!!! Watch out world because here comes Keith II and Chris II!

Koda is not so sure of this Joaquin at first.....
But after he takes a bite, he learns he is super sweet!And now they are ready for life's adventures and the trouble that will come their way!

(While Betty and I prepare our knees for many countless nights praying for their guardian angels!)

Help from Oklahoma

On May 10, Mommy went back to work. And who came to save the day......Grammie and Paw Paw! This was Paw Paw's first time to see his second grandson.
So, needless to say we took lots of pictures. Poor Grammie didn't get in any pictures! She must have been in the middle of one of the 10,000 loads of laudry she did!
Words cannot express how grateful we were to have them here watching the kiddos while we were at work..... and then feeding us at yummy restaurants everynight! But, then they did something crazy! Mom decided that she didn't need her van....WE DID! So, when they left us they didn't take their Toyota Siena, but our Toyota Corolla!
Thanks Mom and Dad for again saving the day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Daddy's Little Hunter

Remember this?

This is how I told Chris we were pregnant with Chloe (over 7 years ago!). I bought this little camo outfit at a consignment store with Sarah just for fun. When I got the positive test, I put this with the test and a little note to Daddy from his future little hunter.

Well, look who is wearing it now!